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Ryan Canada

Want to Lower Turnover? Count Results, Not Hours, Says Firm

“Flexibility doesn’t mean, ‘My personal life takes precedence over my work.’  It means, ‘I have the ability to make both work, but I’m going to make sacrifices in both arenas at times,’” says Delta Emerson, executive  vice president and chief of staff at Ryan, LLC.

If anyone can speak to the true meaning of workforce flexibility, it’s Emerson. At Ryan, a Dallas-based tax services firm with 900 employees worldwide, workforce flexibility is engrained in the culture, something she couldn’t say about the firm four years ago. Continue reading >>

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Leaders can inform, inspire and engage employees

Accountability is Key with Employee Engagement

Note: This post is the last of a three-part series on re-engaging your employees. Click here to read part one: Want to Re-Engage Your Employees? Do This First…or here to read part two: 7 Ways to Inspire Your Employees

If you feel like you’ve been hearing a lot about employee engagement lately, it’s probably not your imagination…

From the recent Towers Watson survey that shows that only 21 percent of workers feel “highly engaged” in their work, to the Hewitt Associates study that shows that employee engagement and morale have declined more in 2010 than in at least the past 15 years - not to mention Corporate Executive Board’s recent finding that a mere 23 percent of employees indicated a high level of “intent to stay” with their current companies this year – employee engagement is basically the ‘HMU’ among talent management experts. Continue reading >>

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Success Down to a Science: An Interview with the Author of “SUCCEED: How We Can Reach Our Goals”

You might call Heidi Grant Halvorson the Patti Stanger of success.  After all, there are a few striking similarities between the author of  SUCCEED: How We Can Reach Our Goals and TV’s “Millionaire Matchmaker.”  Much like how Stanger has made a career out of helping people who are struggling to find love, Halvorson specializes in helping people achieve that other seemingly elusive goal: success.  Continue reading >>

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Curious cow

“A Cow Just Broke Into My House!” 2010′s Most Unusual Excuses for Missing Work

Feel like something’s been, well, different at the office lately? That things seem a bit emptier at the workplace? A bit quieter? Well, you’re not crazy — you’re just observant. Turns out many employees are calling off of work to crawl back under the covers and hide from the recession, build a delicious burger cake, or explain a cow break-in to the cops. Continue reading >>

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To Pay or Not To Pay Interns? That Is…Less of a Question Now

If you’re not yet familiar with the government’s recently revised stipulations for hiring unpaid interns, might I suggest pouring yourself a nice glass of Merlot, perhaps turning down the lights and putting on some Al Green, while you sit back and get to know them a little bit better…?

That’s because the Obama administration recently announced that it intends to crack down on companies that don’t comply with the rules regarding unpaid internships, in reaction to recent criticism that such practices unfairly favor privileged students and enable employers to take advantage of free labor. Continue reading >>

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One Last Longing Look at March’s Recruitment News and Gossip Madness

March Madness is heating up, but we’re already looking ahead to next month. But we’ll allow ourselves just one last look back at the news, gossip, and trends of March before we don our raincoats and mudslide into April.

Money Woes

Know someone 60 years of age or older who can’t retire because he or she needs the money? Over 70 percent of people in that age group are delaying retirement plans because they can’t afford not to, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Continue reading >>

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Speaking of the Big Game…(Spoiler Alert!) CareerBuilder Commercial leaked its Big Game ad yesterday.  Check it out.

The ad marks the launch of CareerBuilder’s new 2009 marketing campaign – and it’s definitely representative of our off-beat humor.  (Yes, humor.  Down economy or not, the fact remains that many companies are still hiring right now – and Big Game viewers still want to be entertained).

Anyhoo, whether or not it’s your cup of tea, the ads are doing something right: In the three months following its Big Game advertising last year, CareerBuilder saw significant surges in job seeker traffic and behavior – including a 68 percent increase in job applications. Continue reading >>

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Top 12 Unique, Colorful Holiday Gift Ideas

Only twenty-something shopping days left—it’s amazing how quickly the holiday season flies by once it gets here. I’m still trying to get my shopping done, and if anyone can give me the lowdown on where I can find a cheap price on a Nintendo Wii, my kids would be most appreciative.

Speaking of holiday shopping, this “most wonderful time of the year” will likely be a little different than seasons past due to the Grinch-like grip the economy has on our wallets. Continue reading >>

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The Best Place to Work – Where Is It?

Does a great place to work seem more like a fictional concept rather than a reality? There are several companies we’ve seen on TV and in movies that we wish existed so we could submit resumes to them–the kinds of places where work is fun and exciting, rising through the ranks is easy, efforts are rewarding both in significance and compensation, and no one ever seems to get in before nine or work past five. Continue reading >>

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Warning Signs of Slumping Morale at Work

As a manager, you try to do everything right by your employees. You’ve read all the books that explain how to be a great leader, you keep free coffee in the kitchen, you host “Hawaiian Shirt Fridays” – all in the hopes that they will grow into energetic, enthusiastic workers. Heck, maybe someday they’ll even be managing a new generation of workers themselves. Continue reading >>

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