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What is Employment Branding?

Does your company have an employment brand that attracts top talent?

Hear Jason Ferrara, VP of Corporate Marketing at define Employment Branding in this three-part podcast series.

Click here to listen to part one of this Employment Branding series.

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Is Tolerance for Bad Bosses Trending Downward?

Boss/employee relationships are of great significance across all kinds of industries and geographic locations – from Scottish footballer Christophe Berra’s hope for an ideal boss to an explosion of media controversy after Scott McClellan’s former boss-bashing.

The opinions of what actually makes a boss “good” varies widely, but one thing is clear. Bosses who are demeaning, controlling, inflexible, and overall unpleasant to be around are not likely to mesh with today’s work force. Continue reading >>

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Businesses Make Social Networking Work for Them

Were you blogging in 2005? Because that’s when BusinessWeek published an article predicting that blogs – with their innovative ability to turn news into a “conversation” – would change the way companies did business. Since, at the time, no one saw the oncoming explosion of MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and countless other interactive sites that allow users more content control than ever, BusinessWeek recently updated its original article to discuss how thoroughly various companies have embraced social media. Continue reading >>

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Sunrise Senior Living Facebook Page

Social Technologies and Recruiting – How to Extend the Reach of Your Employment Brand

Social technologies are the wave of the future. These trends and new mediums will continue to grow with or without you. But what if you could harness the power of social media for your company and its recruitment and retention efforts instead of becoming obsolete in a changing world or losing control to the power of crowds?

Sound overwhelming? Not sure where to start? Continue reading >>

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Generational hiring – is your recruiting coming of age?

How you speak to candidates could be the difference between attracting top talent and watching it go to your competition. And speaking to candidates requires understanding the generations that make up today’s labor force. Even language differs greatly between one generation and the next. When a candidate from Generation Y refers to something as “sick,” they mean that it’s cool. When a Baby Boomer calls something “sick,” they mean that it’s gross. Continue reading >>

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One in Four Workers Plan to Work While on Vacation,’s Annual Survey Reveals

A quarter (25 percent) of workers, up from 20 percent in 2007, said they plan to stay in contact with work while on vacation, and close to one in ten (9 percent) said their bosses expect them to be working or at least checking voicemail/e-mail while on vacation, according to’s annual vacation survey.

Comparing industries, sales workers (50 percent) lead the industries surveyed in the number of workers planning to check in while away on vacation, followed by 37 percent of both financial services workers and IT workers. Continue reading >>

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Rising Fuel Costs Raising Employer Concerns

It’s no secret that companies across the country are feeling the burn of the current fuel crisis. With oil prices setting new records daily and gas prices of $12 predicted as “inevitable,” many companies are being forced to take extreme measures in order to make up for rapidly increasing company costs.

American Airlines, the nation’s largest carrier, has announced that they will begin charging $15 for your first checked bag, in addition to cutting flights and staff. Continue reading >>

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Companies That Go Green May Start Seeing Green

When it comes to “going green,” are we missing an important piece of the puzzle? That’s the concern Laura Vanderkam raised in yesterday’s USA Today about the growing number of businesses jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. While more companies are tweaking their products to appeal to an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer base, they should also focus on internal initiatives, like letting employees work from home or investing in energy-saving technology. Continue reading >>

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Going to SHRM 2008 in Chicago?

SHRM 2008 in Chicago is only a month away. If you are attending this year, make sure to stop by the booth #2031 to learn how to maximize your recruiting efforts – and meet Chicago Bears legend, William “The Refridgerator” Perry.

Be on the lookout for more details from in the coming weeks.

Looking for more info on the SHRM 2008 Conference? Continue reading >>

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Warning Signs of Slumping Morale at Work

As a manager, you try to do everything right by your employees. You’ve read all the books that explain how to be a great leader, you keep free coffee in the kitchen, you host “Hawaiian Shirt Fridays” – all in the hopes that they will grow into energetic, enthusiastic workers. Heck, maybe someday they’ll even be managing a new generation of workers themselves. Continue reading >>

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