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Social Technologies and Recruiting – How to Extend the Reach of Your Employment Brand

Sunrise Senior Living Facebook PageSocial technologies are the wave of the future. These trends and new mediums will continue to grow with or without you. But what if you could harness the power of social media for your company and its recruitment and retention efforts instead of becoming obsolete in a changing world or losing control to the power of crowds?

Sound overwhelming? Not sure where to start? You are not alone. With so many options and technologies to learn from, there isn’t necessarily a predefined first step. The point is that you do something and then build upon your actions as you continue to learn.

A great way for you to start getting exposure is creating a presence on Facebook, and can help you get started. With more than 71 million registered users, Facebook is the sixth-most trafficked website in the US and is one of the fastest-growing and best-known sites on the Internet today. Facebook and’s extensive partnership provides a large presence through custom Facebook pages, applications, advertisements, and more.’s partnership with Facebook is all about helping you and your business create a place for potential candidates to learn more about your company and work opportunities. This is done through targeted media campaigns on Facebook, driving users to your company’s Facebook page, as well as other advertising packages and application offerings.

Skeptical whether Facebook users really want to look for a job or just want to be left alone to connect on a personal level with friends? Check out this recent WSJ article for Facebook success stories or visit the following company sites for live examples:

Stephanie Gaspary

About Stephanie Gaspary

Stephanie is the managing director of content strategy at CareerBuilder, tasked with creating opportunities to share the CareerBuilder story across job seeker and employer channels. Stephanie, a lifelong learner, holds a Master's in Business Administration and a Master's in Management - both from North Park University and a Bachelor's degree in Art from Bethel University. A Minnesotan at heart, Stephanie has lived in Chicago for nearly 20 years, is the doting mother to two wacky german shorthaired pointer pups, looks forward to her morning run *almost* as much as that first cup of coffee and vows to one day live in the mountains. Follow @sgaspary. Follow @cbforemployers.

Social media as for the distribution of content and take that same content and turn it into a conversation, which then becomes a community. As more Generation Yers come out of school it will be in the best interest for companies to compete to leverage the power of social media, it attracts attention,  collect demographics, and solicit feedback, all to these actions effects


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