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SHRM 2008 in all its glory

Images from CareerBuilder’s 2008 SHRM Experience

We had such a great time meeting, greeting, and interacting with the attendees and fellow exhibitors of SHRM’s 2008 Annual Conference – and we have the pictures to prove it! Here are a few of our favorites…

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"No Dishwashing Allowed!"

What Was Hot, What Was Not: SHRM 2008 Crowd Reactions

I spent most of my time on Tuesday, the last day of the SHRM conference, wandering around. Half of my time was spent trying not to get lost, and the other half was spent either 1) eating or 2) talking to people. In my moments of talking to attendees and exhibitors, I found out a lot of useful and interesting tidbits. Continue reading >>

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Bobby's Bike Hike

Promoting Fun at Work: 15 Ways to Engage Your Employees

Let’s admit it – work can be a drag at times, even if you love your job. There are days when you just want to crawl back into bed…but if you know you’re having a fun event at work, or you show up at the office and Susie whispers conspiratorially of a spontaneous pizza party (mmm food) – it makes the day a little more bearable. Continue reading >>

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The Top 5 Exhibits that Made me Stop and Pause — SHRM 2008


Shiny bottles full of liquid of every hue as far as the eye can see. Men and women from all corners of the country clutching sweating bottles of Bud Light and juggling wine glasses as they continuously dodge oncoming traffic.

This is…a national human resources conference??! Okay, I’ll admit I was a bit jealous of the attendees, as Sunday was quite an impressive party, with open bars aplenty, heaping plates of food, the introduction of schwag, schwag, and more schwag, caged dancers…

Kidding about that last one. Continue reading >>

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SHRM 2008 exhibitors going above and beyond

Three days. 16,000 people. Millions of free pens. The SHRM 2008 Conference and Exposition is in full swing in Chicago.

Among the speaker highlights so far were opening keynote speaker Sidney Poitier (yes, that Sidney Poitier) on Sunday and author and The Table Group, Inc. president Patrick Lencioni, who spoke this morning. You can get a good rundown of some of the speakers and sessions here, or here. Continue reading >>

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Employers Must be Forward-Thinking Amid Rising Fuel Costs…or Employees are Gone

In a previous post, I talked about the effect of fuel costs on employees, as well as various ways that employers are alleviating these pains. However, it seems that although the impact has been fast and furious, some employers are a bit slow on the draw in adopting workplace changes. Employers must be forward-thinking in the midst of our current (and not-ending-anytime-soon) fuel crisis – or they risk employees becoming frustrated and leaving. Continue reading >>

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Employees name top workplace frustrations

Perhaps encouraged by the response to a recent column about the reasons GenXers are unhappy at work (a piece that elicited over 430 reader comments and generated a follow-up slideshow on the subject), BusinessWeek recently launched on an online survey, asking all readers to voice their workplace pet peeves for publication in a mid-August special issue.

So far, nearly 8,500 readers commented or cast their votes, allowing the news magazine to narrow the top workplace complaints down to these six: Continue reading >>


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Attention all SHRM 2008 attendees – check out what has planned for next week

SHRM is right around the corner. Being that the event is in our home town of Chicago, we are going all out to make this a memorable event for all who visit booth #2031.

The first thing you want to do when you get to the exhibit hall is pick up a SHRM Survival Guide. This kit contains tons of details about what to do in Chicago and has valuable coupons for Chicago-themed giveaways and grand prizes, including three Nintendo Wiis and three 4G Video iPods. Continue reading >>

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The importance of a recruiting plan: does your company have one?

In my role at I wear two hats. The first hat is focused on how we market to our customers and prospects. The second hat is focused on creating relevant content for hiring managers and HR professionals. Often times I feel like I have one of those Sherlock Holmes hats on and I turn it around and around…

Anyway, I was wearing the first hat Wednesday and Thursday of last week when I attended the BMA annual conference in Las Vegas. Continue reading >>

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What are the Components of an Effective Employment Brand?

Hear Jason Ferrara explore the various components and areas your business should focus on in order to build an effective employment brand in part two of the Employment Branding Podcast Series.

According to Mark Shevitz, Brand Strategist, Movéo Integrated Branding, working to shape your employment brand is critical to attracting and retaining your ideal employees.

He goes on to give the following reasons for taking an active role in shaping your company’s employment brand: Continue reading >>


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