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I'm a professional baseball player

A Kennedy wants to work for you? You don’t say…The Top 10 Outrageous Resume Lies

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this, so I’m just going to say it: I love seeing people get caught in their own web of lies. Okay, I don’t love love it, but for whatever reason, it’s fascinating to me. It’s like watching a soap opera, only better, because it’s real and involves less Botox. Plus, more often than not, they’ve got it coming to them. Continue reading >>

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Feng shui for the office?

In last Wednesday’s post, I mentioned the recent Challenger, Gray & Christmas list of workplace trends of the future. Well, today, I came across this Miami Herald article about how companies are doing away with cubicles with increasing frequency, one of the trends Challenger predicted.

It mentions Florida-based RBB Public Relations, who got rid of private offices for everyone, including top management. Continue reading >>

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Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Site Navigation = Not So Laborious Anymore

I recently wrote about the upcoming launch of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ redesigned site – and the new site is now live. Debuted on Monday, the site boasts a new (and much improved) appearance, completely revamped navigation options, and more. Check it out for yourself! You can also get a rundown of exactly what’s changed, along with tips on adjusting to the new format, here. Continue reading >>

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We love our customers for oh so many reasons, one being that they aren’t afraid to have fun. Don’t believe us? Check out the following video clips of CB customers rocking out at our karaoke booth during SHRM 2008 in Chicago.

Continue reading >>

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The latest workplace trend? Let’s not, shall we?

What was ever wrong with the handshake? USA Today reports the fist bump, yes, that fist bump – the one made famous by domestic beer commercial characters and the Obamas, among others – has finally broken into the ranks of the business world. Most popular with young professional males, fist bumping has come to replace the handshake with increasing frequency. Continue reading >>

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Employees Rave – and Rant – About their Employers’ Definition of “Fun” | Part 1

I’ve been working on an article about ways that companies are having fun at work. When I started this project, I knew that I wanted to give it a personal feel, so I decided to turn to those who would be brutally honest and candid about their own work experiences: my friends.

With that in mind, I wrote a little email one morning to a group of about 30 of them, asking what their companies were currently doing to add an element of fun to the workplace. Continue reading >>

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Fewer Women at Work

What’s the REAL story? Are Women Leaving the Workforce?

It seems as though every day I read an article about Women in the workforce (a topic near and dear to my heart, since I am a woman and partly in the workforce) Today is no exception. An article in today’s New York Times argues that Women are leaving the workforce, but this time it is because of the economy. Continue reading >>

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Some job candidates handle rejection better than others

Nearly everyone who’s ever been in the position to interview a job candidate has an embarrassing, awkward or outrageous interview story to tell. And some hiring managers’ stories even extend past the interview process. Yesterday, Ask A Manager blogged about such experiences, using real-life anecdotes of job applicants’ responses to rejection notices that run the obnoxious gamut from telling interviewers they’re mistaken to simply telling them off. Continue reading >>

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Creating a Successful Corporate Culture

Our mission is to connect job seekers with employers. But don’t forget that we also have to put significant effort into recruiting and retaining our own employees as well.

Hear Matt Ferguson, CEO of, explain how a strong set of company values can guide your firm through staff turnover and mergers.

Curious to see what the values are? Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder Survey Reveals that Majority of Workers Are Burned Out

This week, CareerBuilder released the results of its “worker burnout” survey. It appears that downsized staffs, paired with increased workloads, are creating a rise in workplace stress levels. The survey, which polled over 7,600 workers nationwide, found that a whopping 78 percent of workers report feeling burned out at work.

Current worker burnout seems largely attributed to three interrelated factors: work overload, lack of a work/life balance, and lack of a flexible work schedule. Continue reading >>

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