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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Q4 Job Forecast Released Today Indicates Emerging Trends

What another little news story from this past week did for celebrity gossips, a survey released this morning by and USA TODAY did for financial analysts: It only seemed to confirm what many have been speculating. 

The Q4 2008 Job Forecast indicates a weakening job market, which should come as no surprise given what we now know about the financial crisis; however, the survey was conducted between August 21 and September 9, which means it might not reflect the full effects of the last few days.  Continue reading >>

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Fond of Closing Deals in the Office Bathroom, Are You? Shedding Some Light on ‘Daylighting’

Do you know what your employees are doing on their smoke breaks? It might not be what you think.

A recent article on caught my eye the other day. This article details the habits of employees like Brian, a 30-something salesperson in NYC who uses the office bathroom as a secret cubicle in order to perform the duties of his second job as a mortgage broker. Continue reading >>

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5 Tips for Telling Employees “Here’s to Your Health”

A hot debate is raging regarding the health of American workers. Interestingly enough, it has nothing to do with presidential campaigns and national health care plans. Instead, the focus narrows in on how much influence your employer should have on your health.  

The genesis of the issue can be traced back to the days of pioneer Henry Ford who required certain “healthy” behaviors from his employees if they were to be eligible for his increased minimum wage. Continue reading >>

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Money Talks… 5 Tips for What Else Does

Is this the only thing every employee really wants from their company?

Maybe… But then again, maybe not…

Don’t get me wrong; when it comes to the topic of salary, I’m all about the Benjamins (baby). But are there any acceptable alternatives? If you’re building the best place to work, then the answer should be yes.

Acclaimed novelist Jane Austen, who’s had many of her books posthumously turned into movies that I, like most guys, would rather be posthumous then be forced to watch, once proclaimed that, “A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.”

While not everyone is inclined to agree that money can buy happiness (me, for one), the expression “money talks” does ring true for every employee. Continue reading >>

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If You’re Going to Talk Politics in the Office, Here’s a Few Talking Points (so to speak)

As discussed previously, there’s a bit of controversy over whether it’s acceptable to discuss politics in the workplace, in light of the little upcoming contest on November 4th (You may have heard a bit about it in the news lately). To this point, I’d like to offer a few guidelines for those who dare talk about “Country First” vs. “The Change We Need.” You know, the ones who feel compelled to share their thoughts with others while presenting at the morning team meeting (a la the Emmys), or want to debate whether that study about political views being “all in the mind” is really true while lingering around the soda machines. Continue reading >>

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Extreme Makeover: Corporate Culture Edition

How often do we think about corporate culture? Better question – How often do we think about changing corporate culture?

I happened to come across this list of the top 10 ways you can tell your corporate culture needs addressing.  You can click on the link to see all 10, but I’ve listed my favorites below: Continue reading >>

You’re becoming the most tenured person in your department – and you’ve only been there 13 months.

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Managing During a Fuel Shortage

Although my frugal soul would detest paying more than $3.99 for a gallon of gas, I started to question that gas prices were only $3.99 in Atlanta this weekend. When the first local gas station ran out of gas, I thought it was a little odd. But when I saw stations with 30+ cars waiting in line, and many others running out of gas, I knew we had a problem. Continue reading >>

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Are You a Community Organizer or Community Builder? 5 Tips for Community in the Workplace

There’s a lot of buzz these days surrounding the words “community organizer.”

We’ll leave it to the MSNBC and Fox News talking heads to argue over the political merits of the term. But from the marketplace perspective, if you want to build the best place for your employees to work, there’s a better label available.

No, it’s not Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Continue reading >>

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Five Ways to Flex so Employees Love their Jobs with You

Unless the name of your company happens to be one that rhymes with “moogle,” a general consensus that employees absolutely love working for you might not exist.

Each year, Fortune ranks the 100 Best Companies to Work For, and there’s little doubting these places are the ones most people want signing their paychecks. (Of course, it should be noted we think this place is quite the enjoyable place of employment as well). Continue reading >>

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How about Generation “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Thanks to all who commented on my earlier post about supervising Generation Y – it generated some insightful conversation about the generation gap, so I thought it worthwhile to continue…

I have to admit that before now, I hadn’t thought much about how my own generation is perceived in the workplace.  While I wasn’t so much surprised to learn that you believe we’re innovative and tech-savvy (that’s pretty much how we perceive ourselves, an attitude that might explain why we’re also seen as narcissistic…), I was a little taken aback to read words like “lazy” and “disrespectful” in reference to us.  Continue reading >>

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