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5 Tips on Job Posting Basics & Getting Better Candidates

Wallpaper peeler, sleep clinic yawn counter, turkey wrangler and parachute tester … are these the best Halloween costumes of 2008? Actually, they are excerpts from a very interesting list of the most unusual jobs current employees admitted to once having which Amy spotlighted earlier this month.

The titles alone were intriguing—but also imagine the job posting that would have been crafted for each position. Continue reading >>

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Latest Tip for Boosting Productivity May Surprise You

I knew it!! Okay, so today my boss sent me this post from The Standard which argues the case that businesses can use social media as a strategic recruiting tool. (Ah, yes. I agree.)  But it goes even further, saying that sites like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, for instance, are useful in engaging employees as well, and that, in fact, bosses should allow their employees to use social media sites at work.  Continue reading >>

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Difficult Times Ahead Bring Opportunities to Embrace Change

I had an interesting conversation today with a VP of Global Recruiting for an international financial services firm, which inevitably turned to the current state of the American economy. To paraphrase his comments he said, “…yes, the economy is bad, but I still have commitments I need to deliver on for next year. I can’t have open sales positions. I have to complete our PeopleClick implementation. Continue reading >>

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Making Your Company a Best Place to Work

I recently attended the Pittsburgh Business Times Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania event. If you haven’t been to Pittsburgh in some time, if at all, I highly urge you to go. The city and the scenery are great – it is an accessible city nestled in rolling hills of low lying fog at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. Continue reading >>

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Leadership 101: Getting “Mo” on Your Side

This is, by far, the best time of the year. The weather is cooling and the sports world is heating up. The World Series is featuring a worst-to-first contender, NBA training camps are under way and the college and pro gridirons are in full swing. But to be successful in the world of sports, you’ve got have to Mo on your side. Continue reading >>

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5 Leadership Tips for Communicating During Uncertainty

In leading your organization, there will be times when everything just seems to be clicking, where all that you touch turns to gold, profits pour in and people sing your praises. 

And then there will be moments like most of us are currently experiencing, when the chips are down.

If one word could describe the state of everything right now, it would be uncertainty. Continue reading >>

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Hitwise No. 1 Website Award is a Hitwise Number 1 Award Winner

It was announced today that ranked No. 1 based on market share of visits among all US websites in the Hitwise Business and Finance – Employment and Training industry for the quarter ending July – September 2008. To give you some background, the Hitwise No. 1 Award recognizes websites from over 160 industries that are leaders in their industry.

While it might be fun to toot our own horn here, this really isn’t what makes this type of award so exciting. Continue reading >>

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No, Really, Your Excuse is Totally Believable! (Cough, Cough) – 2008′s Most Unusual Excuses for Missing Work

Oh, come on – don’t get your I-love-staying-home-to-watch-Seinfeld-reruns-on-my-couch pajamas in a bunch. If you’ve called into work before when you’ve been feeling perfectly healthy, you’re in solid company with the 33 percent of workers who have done so this year, according to a newly released survey on absenteeism. And if you haven’t fibbed (e.g., faked a cold while eating a pint of Chubby Hubby and alphabetizing your DVD collection), chances are one of your subordinates has. Continue reading >>

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How NOT to Interview Job Candidates

Today I came across this great tongue-in-cheek post on Datamation’s blog about how not to interview.  Even though blogger Chris Nerney focuses his post on the IT industry, his list of ways to alienate job seekers is applicable across the board.  And because it seemed like a great complement to my colleague Matt Wilson’s recent post about the Top 14 Interview questions, I wanted to share: 

    Make sure the job’s responsibilities are unclear.
Continue reading >>

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The Smartest Investment You’ll Make in This Economy

from OPEN Forum:

The smartest investment you’ll make in this economy is your investment in your employees. Companies that plan to survive, even thrive, in this economy should increase their investments in their employees. That’s right. Companies should invest more in their employees during this challenging economic period.
Forget those CDOs (collateralized debt obligations) or CDSs (collateralized debt swaps) and Wall Street banks hoping for a comeback or those secret Santa Claus-like portfolios of sub-prime home loans you’ve heard are all the rage.

Continue reading >>

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