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YouTube, You Score: Why Social Media Users Make Great Candidates

Last month, I talked about how more and more businesses are utilizing social media as a screening tool for candidates.  Today, I came across a great post on AdWeek that puts a whole other perspective on the use of social media for hiring that I wanted to share.  Benjamin Palmer discusses how, as technology changes (and as the popularity of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and countless free blogging sites grows)  hiring managers should change their tactics to find talent who not only care about these things, but can keep up with these trends. Continue reading >>

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Leadership 101: 5 Tips for Casting Vision with Employees

What does vision mean to you?

Does it mean how you see, as in 20/20 eyesight? Or does it make you think of some kind of prophecy regarding forthcoming cataclysmic events?

In the marketplace, it’s neither of those (though by all means, have your eyes checked before 12/21/2012 rolls around, you know, just to be safe). Instead, vision should be the answer to this simple question: Where are you going? Continue reading >>

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So what are you doing for National Disability Employment Awareness Month?

What’s that? You’re wondering what in the heck I’m talking about? Okay, let me back up. It’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month! Congress started the first recognition week back in October 1945, in an effort to educate the public about employment-related disability issues, but the initiative has seen a lot of changes since the ‘40s – in name and in practice. Continue reading >>

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It’s 10 p.m.–Do You Know Where Your Leaders Are? 5 Reasons for Developing Them

Take me to your leaders…”

That phrase is most often associated with old sci-fi movies depicting little green men disembarking their UFO and uttering the request to wide-eyed earthlings. But what if someone made this request to you (regardless if it’s a laser-toting alien or just some average Joe Plumber on the street)? If you’re a decision maker in your organization you likely consider yourself a leader. Continue reading >>

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Does Your Office Have a Regis and Kelly?

Have you seen these employees? The ones who always sit next to each other at meetings, take frequent lunches together and display the good-natured bickering reminiscent of overly caffeinated morning TV co-hosts? 

Today, released the results of a survey on “work spouses” and listed the top 12 celebrity work couples favored by participants.  Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa topped the list; followed by David Letterman and Paul Shaffer; Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks; and Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer.  Continue reading >>

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Unintentional Results of Implementing a Hiring Freeze

Today I came across an article by Dr. John Sullivan on that was so well written and to the point that I felt it was worth passing on verbatim. Plus, for me to say hiring freezes are inherently bad for a business seems a little self-serving. In the article, Dr. Sullivan discusses how The Economic Downturn Means That Hiring Freezes Will Soon Decimate Recruiting. Continue reading >>

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How to Implement Four Different Interview Styles & Find the Best Candidate

A quick Google search will reveal various articles about interviewing, but one of the most important aspects of interviewing is often ignored – the interview style.  No, style isn’t exclusive to designer suits, power ties and brightly polished shoes – or even this guy. It even needs to permeate into the approach you take when giving an interview.

Yes, good questions are essential; but the art behind how you ask those questions is where the line is drawn between lovely and lousy interview.  Continue reading >>

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The Top 14 Interview Questions: How to Cut Through the Clutter

Questions are the key of any interview. While that’s an obvious statement, what isn’t quite so obvious is deciding which ones to ask.

Interview questions can be inappropriate (“Is that your natural hair color?” or “Can I buy you a drink after we’re through here?“). Or illegal (So, what religion do you practice?). They can also be routine (“What is your greatest strength and weakness?“). Continue reading >>

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Are Billboards the New Cover Letters?

Because that would be cool.

Yesterday, released a survey on unusual antics job seekers have used this past year to capture the attention of hiring managers.  Twelve percent of the 3,388 hiring managers surveyed reported seeing an increase in more creative job seeker techniques than in previous years, which makes sense, given the more competitive job market.  Below is the list of most memorable tactics those surveyed identified:

    Candidate advertised on a billboard. Continue reading >>

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What You Should Know About Diversity…And Why You Should Care

“Diverse” seems to be right up there on the list with “green” these days: it’s a hot buzzword used to attract both consumers and job-seekers.  While the word looks great on paper,  however, it’s become a bit of a cliché, making it easy for companies to brand themselves as such, when in actuality, they do very little to create, promote or implement diversity initiatives in the workplace.  Continue reading >>

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