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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Workplace Bullies: Taking “Sticks and Stones” to a New Level

We are all dealing with changes big or small as a result of recent economic events, and for the most part, we’re doing our best to take them in stride. One change that I’ve been reading more and more about lately, however, reveals a disturbing twist in the workplace landscape. According to a recent article on BNET, workplace bullies are out of the sandbox and on the rise in offices everywhere. Continue reading >>

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Holiday Sales a Bad Deal for Employers?

Nearly one-third (29 percent) of U.S. workers plan to holiday shop online during office hours this year, according to’s latest survey of 5600 workers nationwide.  The survey comes out just in time for Cyber Monday, the nickname for the first Monday after Thanksgiving, when consumer spending spikes in conjunction with seasonal holiday sales.

Of the workers who plan to shop during office time, 43 percent admitted that they’ll probably spend more than one hour doing so over the course of the holiday season, while 23 percent said they’ll spend two hours or more, and another 13 percent will spend three hours or more. Continue reading >>

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5 Reasons to Give Thanks: New Technology for Easier-Than-Ever Recruiting

I just came across a post about the future of recruiting, written back in April by Dr. John Sullivan, a management professor at San Francisco State University.  In it, he names 11 factors that will force recruiting to change dramatically.  It’s a pretty interesting list, but what I find most remarkable is that the economy is conspicuously absent from it (which is pretty telling about how dramatically the economic climate has changed in the past few months.)

After all, the many budget cuts, layoffs and staff restructurings are forcing many hiring managers to rethink their recruiting methods, leading to changes that could remain in place long after the recession is over.  Continue reading >>

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HELP WANTED: 9 Things to Avoid with Job Postings

In concluding this series of tips and tricks to make the most of your job postings, I thought I’d run through some things you might want to avoid. Not to end on a negative note, and some of these may seem rather elementary, but one can never be too careful, because we’re talking about the process of attracting your next employee. Continue reading >>

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When it Comes to their own Benefits, Many Employees are Missing the Boat

As it’s open enrollment season for U.S. businesses, millions of employees from Seattle to Baton Rouge are making important decisions about health care and benefits that will affect them and their families in 2009. However, surprisingly, millions of employees still aren’t participating in these decisions.

If your employees knew they were throwing money away, would they change their course? A newly released survey reveals that nearly a quarter of workers (23 percent) do not take advantage of the new and potentially cost-saving measures being offered by their respective companies. Continue reading >>

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When Creating Your 2009 Recruitment Plan, Think Broad

Like most business professionals in Q4, I’m in the throes of finalizing my Marketing budget for 2009. The trick in figuring out how to spend the money I do have is creating the right marketing mix. Some things are easy – we should continue and increase programs that make us money. Some things are more challenging – figuring out the right branding vehicles which are notoriously difficult to measure. Continue reading >>

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In the Elevator with Too Much Fragrance

While leaving the office yesterday, I entered the empty elevator on my way to the ground floor and parking lot.  Suddenly, one floor away from my destination, the brass doors parted and a woman entered who was wearing enough perfume for about 18 people. Normally, I would just try to ignore the uncomfortable barrage of fragrance, but yesterday was different, because I’m just getting over a chest cold, and my cough reflex is pretty sensitive.  Continue reading >>

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Talking Technology and Innovation Breakthroughs with CTO, Eric Presley

Eric Presley recently spent some time with CNET’s Dan Farber to discuss how innovation breakthroughs are helping users find jobs, both online and through mobile technologies. Dan and Eric also talked about’s place in the rapidly evolving recruitment marketplace. Eric explained that job seekers essentially want a service to be able to read their resume and provide back relevant jobs – and discussed in detail how has the technology to provide that service. Continue reading >>

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Whoops… 5 Tips for Managing Your Leadership Mistakes

Nobody likes mistakes. They can be honest, embarrassing, unforgettable or costly. But everybody makes them. Esteemed English writer Alexander Pope etched the phrase “To err is human” into everyday vernacular because everyone, from the mailroom to the boardroom, knows that nobody’s perfect. While that is easy to accept, it’s difficult to admit—no one wants to claim they made an error in hiring the wrong candidate or that their business model was flawed. Continue reading >>

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5 Tricks for Making Job Posting Magic

With your job posting, you’ve got the basics down, and your job description is top-notch—selling the position, your company, and providing the right information to ensure only qualified candidates will apply. But is it getting enough expressions of interest (EOI)?

Currently, the market has an overabundance of good talent, which means you want to make the most of the opportunity you have in attracting the best candidates. Continue reading >>

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