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5 Tricks for Making Job Posting Magic

With your job posting, you’ve got the basics down, and your job description is top-notch—selling the position, your company, and providing the right information to ensure only qualified candidates will apply. But is it getting enough expressions of interest (EOI)?

Currently, the market has an overabundance of good talent, which means you want to make the most of the opportunity you have in attracting the best candidates. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can add a little magic to your job postings to make them even better. While you don’t want to create an illusion that misleads a candidate for the sake of improving the amount of response, these tricks will enhance the presentation and attraction of your job opportunity:

Expand Your Location
Rather than just narrowing in on your exact location, make sure you include surrounding cities and metropolitan areas. For example, if your job opening is located in Marietta, Ga., you should mention Atlanta as well as the surrounding North Atlanta suburban areas. Likewise, Dallas-based companies should include nearby communities in the Metroplex. Wherever you are, make sure neighboring communities are part of the search criteria. Not only does it broaden your market, but it lets candidates pinpoint your location and helps them determine potential commuting time.

Discuss Compensation
For many, the primary factor in deciding whether or not to respond to a job posting will be how much pay the position offers. But often times, companies are reluctant to reveal exactly how much the wages will be. So do you show them the money? (By that we mean disclose it). While the exact hourly wage or annual pay may not be fully determined, you should reference compensation information whenever possible—even if it is only a salary range. Don’t leave them guessing or risk disappointing them with a figure that’s unexpectedly low for the job. Especially make mention of the fact the salary is higher than the industry average, if that’s the case. At the very least, let the job seeker know that you understand pay is a vital piece of information by having a benefit statement, such as:

“Great pay—higher than industry average, commensurate upon experience, bonuses paid each quarter, opportunities for additional commissions.”

Show Off Your Brand
First impressions, while not always accurate, certainly make an impact. Incorporate your brand identity by including logos and/or slogans in the job posting which can increase applications by 13 to 21 percent. Doing so adds credibility of being an established, professional company, and not a recruiter—as some job seekers are leery of working with a third party—or a questionable entity. Branding also enhances recognition by the job seeker who may see your logo either in the market place or while looking for future job opportunities. Show off who you are to increase your visibility and put candidates at ease.

Associate with Multiple Industries
Cross the lines of industry that surround your job description. If you are a pharmaceutical company wanting to recruit a sales manager, link your posting to multiple industries, such as sales and marketing, healthcare and pharmaceutical. Many professions can be cross-posted, such as public relations, accounting, web design and programmers just to name a few. Doing so allows candidates to pull up your job posting in more searches. Just make sure it makes sense.

Encourage Online Applications
A recent study found that enabling online applications increased the total amount of applications by more than 25 percent. As mentioned previously regarding spicing up your job descriptions, if a job seeker is online looking for a job, chances are they are more apt to apply by that method as well. Make it an easy proces, which will in turn make the process of managing applicants easier for you, limiting the amount of calls and mail inquiries you receive on your end.


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