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Talking Technology and Innovation Breakthroughs with CTO, Eric Presley

Eric Presley recently spent some time with CNET’s Dan Farber to discuss how innovation breakthroughs are helping users find jobs, both online and through mobile technologies. Dan and Eric also talked about’s place in the rapidly evolving recruitment marketplace. Eric explained that job seekers essentially want a service to be able to read their resume and provide back relevant jobs – and discussed in detail how has the technology to provide that service.

A few highlights:

  • What we are doing to stay ahead of our competition
  • Why we focus on core metrics like applications to jobs, not page views or time spent on site, to measure success
  • How job seekers look for jobs – and what they don’t want
  • Our product developments over the years, including our Recommended Resume technology, which has helped job seekers find jobs specifically tailored to them since its inception five years ago
  • Size and scope of’s operation, and more on our international expansion
  • Our involvement with social networking sites – and our own networking niche,
  • The future of’s mobile technology development
  • How our search and technology is more capable than our competitors’

“At, we really invest in our technology and we believe that our search technology and our recommendation engine technology are real market leaders, and that it really helps job seekers be efficient in their process of looking for jobs.”

Amy K. McDonnell

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