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Monthly Archives: December 2008

7 Major Hiring Trends in 2009, Survey Shows

Today, while others are reflecting on the most memorable events and accomplishments of the past year (for me, 2008 will always be remembered as the year I learned how to spell “Blagojevich”), looks ahead with the release of its 2009 U.S. Job Forecast.

According to the annual survey of hiring managers and HR professionals conducted by Harris Interactive® (spoiler alert!), employers will be slower and more cautious about hiring in the coming months.   Continue reading >>

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On Leading in Uncertain Economic Times

You don’t need to hear yet again that we as a nation are in a state of economic turmoil. But you should be aware that moving forward, your employees are looking to your leadership to guide them through economically troubled waters and onto safe workplace ground. Tensions are high, pocketbooks are light, and morale is low. Now, more than ever, they need a leader who is strong, realistic, and able to create a sense of balance. It is not an easy task, but we have laid out some tips to help you reinforce confidence during these trying times.

How you choose to react to our current economic situation as an employer – and as a leader – will make a significant difference not only in your own life, but in the lives the employees who depend on you.

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The Hardest Working Man in Business? Management Lessons from Daddy Spears

When it seems like you can’t turn to any news source without hearing about another round of layoffs or budget cuts, it’s nice to hear that there’s at least someone getting a raise in this economy…even if it is for Jamie Spears – a.k.a. Britney’s dad. 

Last week an L.A. court gave him a generous bump in pay for managing his daughter’s estate - to the tune of $75 an hour. Continue reading >>

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10 Reasons to Cut Your Employees Some Slack This Year

If you’re, like me, feeling a little cabin fever-y because it’s three $%@ing degrees out where you are, too – or you’re simply restless due to the upcoming holiday weekend…here’s one more Monday/fun-day item for you.

Yesterday’s featured item from MSN Careers – the “10 Worst Employees of 2008” – summarizes news stories, from around the country and throughout the year, of employees whose antics put Tracy Jordan to shame.    Continue reading >>

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Get Passive (Candidates, that is.)

Back in Q3, nearly one in four workers (24 percent) said they were fearful of layoffs at their firms, according to a survey (conducted among 2,922 hiring managers and HR professionals and 7,960 U.S. employees).

Not surprised? I’m not either. And I would venture a guess that in light of recent layoffs at many U.S. companies, the percentage has increased since this survey was conducted. Continue reading >>

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Engaging Employees (Without Lifting a Finger)

So here’s kind of a genius idea.  Best Buy recently launched a contest asking employees throughout the retail chain to create a motivational video encouraging employees to participate in the company’s 401(k). 

When the contest wrapped up, 401(k) participation increased by 30 percent – which is pretty significant considering, well, we’re talking about 401(k)’s here…it’s not exactly free pizza in the break room – people aren’t going to seek it out with quite the same urgency. Continue reading >>

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Investing in Employees When There Isn’t Much to Invest

Earlier this month, U.S. News released this article listing 10 cuts employers are expected to make in 2009:

    Hiring freezes
    Higher health costs
    Travel restrictions
    Training cuts
    Canceled parties
    Salary freezes
    Reduced merit increases
    Pension freezes
    Cut 401(k) matches

Yes, seeing this list is disappointing, given what we know about the negative impact of hiring freezes and layoffs.  But as we see more and more companies take such measures in the face of economic challenges, believing they’ve exhausted every other alternative, it’s hardly surprising to see that more companies are expected follow suit.  Continue reading >>

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5 Ways to Motivate the Team

Sports movies are littered with clichéd motivational speeches of coaches in the locker room, spurring their teams to overcome insurmountable odds and take home the title, whether it’s uttering, “Win just one for the Gipper” or “Make sure they remember the night they played the Titans.” These speeches are second nature in sports, but within the company walls, motivating the team can be a challenge. Continue reading >>

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Holiday Cutbacks Squashing Your Employees’ Spirit?

We’re smack-dab in the middle of holidayness, surrounded by tinsel, lights, spiked eggnog, trees on tops of cars, bad sweaters, gift exchanges, parties, non-stop playing of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”…did I mention spiked eggnog?

Unfortunately, despite all of our holiday fun, the reality of recent headlines is a bit sobering. The recent news of a Wal-Mart employee death, for example, is news that I’m still reeling over, and real company cutbacks are not as funny – or as easy a decision – as this:

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A “Culture of Recognition” – Worth Embracing?

When I was in high school, I had to attend this spiritual weekend retreat with my Junior class (I think it was supposed to be a bonding experience).  Anyway, throughout that weekend, there was a grossly unwarranted amount of hugging – your neighbor, yourself, the closest tree – that went on and that I was not expecting. 

Nothing against retreats – or hugging…or high schoolers – but what was already a mild aversion to embracing anyone who’s not my grandmother or someone who just gave me chocolate became a full on intolerance for touchy-feelyness in general after that weekend.   Continue reading >>

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