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The Month in Review: The Bold, the Beautiful, and the Bizarre

Well, anyone who says this past month hasn’t been exciting has been living under either a rock or Rod Blagojevich’s massive hair (hopefully not the latter). We’ve collectively experienced everything from a historical inauguration to peanut butter recalls to a US Airways jet’s splash landing post-bird strikes — and many events in between.

Here on The Hiring Site, we had a few things to say about this past month’s both uplifting and often bizarre slew of events, as well as the effect they have had on workplaces and those employees and leaders who inhabit them. Continue reading >>

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Blago’s Actions Nothing Compared to Those of These “Bad” Bosses

Sure, he lied, cheated and stole (allegedly, of course) but former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, who was unanimously voted out of office yesterday, has got nothing on the “bad bosses” found in its latest nationwide survey

According to the poll of more than 8,000 workers, 43 percent of workers have quit a job to get away from bad bosses. Continue reading >>

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You know the drill.  Sign into your e-mail account.  Sharp intake of breath. Moment of dread. Screen pops up.  Eyes roll. Hundreds of e-mails sit there, waiting for you. Are you really motivated to go through them – and furthermore, actually answer any? Probably not, unless you love torturing yourself have an unlimited amount of time on your hands. Which none of us really do. Continue reading >>

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5 Reasons for Recruiters to Stay in School (So to Speak)

Now that it’s January, it’s usually the time of year when college advisors are telling students to start looking for internships and entry-level jobs.  Of course being told to do something and actually doing it are two different things…And while it’s not that college students are lazy when it comes to planning their futures, they’re probably less inclined to do so unless they’re getting a constant reminder about it. Continue reading >>

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The “Lost” Theory for Maintaining Momentum During a Recession

I’m calling what I just read in this MediaPost article the “Lost” Theory for Maintaining Momentum During a Recession because it’s seems as radical and antithetical an idea for me and you as the idea of going back to the island is for the Oceanic 6 (not because I just spent the better part of an hour reading spoilers about what will happen tonight on ABC at 8 pm CST). Continue reading >>

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Finally, a Way to Tell Your Boss He Smells Worse Than Your Gym Bag … Announcing the New Interactive Tip Giver from

If being in the professional work force has taught you anything, it’s that you really have to think before you speak. I mean, really stop and think. The jokes that fly between you and your BFF don’t always translate well between 9 and 5. And the brutal honesty you share with your friends (“Why are you dating that loser?” “That shirt makes you look like my grandmother.” “Really, a little Listerine goes a long way.”) won’t earn you any new work friends. Continue reading >>

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Job Postings’ “Virtual Earth”: Taking it to the Streets

Let’s face it: Our lives are becoming more transparent every day. As a business, you owe it to those candidates interested in becoming your employees to be upfront about your requirements, available benefits, and company culture. Along with the “fun stuff,” however, candidates also want to know the often less exciting, but necessary, logistics in order to make logical and informed decisions about whether or not to apply to your position. Continue reading >>

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Speaking of the Big Game…(Spoiler Alert!) CareerBuilder Commercial leaked its Big Game ad yesterday.  Check it out.

The ad marks the launch of CareerBuilder’s new 2009 marketing campaign – and it’s definitely representative of our off-beat humor.  (Yes, humor.  Down economy or not, the fact remains that many companies are still hiring right now – and Big Game viewers still want to be entertained).

Anyhoo, whether or not it’s your cup of tea, the ads are doing something right: In the three months following its Big Game advertising last year, CareerBuilder saw significant surges in job seeker traffic and behavior – including a 68 percent increase in job applications. Continue reading >>

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Introducing “Free Tools You Can Use” for your Products

It’s Jan. 22, 2009. It’s a new day. We have a new family in the White House. Many people around the world have high hopes; many others have even higher expectations. We have new problems to address and long-standing conflicts to solve. And there’s still that little buzzword going around. You know.  ArethaFranklin’sHat. Economy. We’re all looking for a shortcut or a deal right now; for things that will help us and save us a little cash. Continue reading >>

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Management Lessons from Super Bowl Contenders

Because I love any excuse to get together with friends, drink beer and eat gross amounts of fried food and cheese in the middle of the day…naturally, I love Super Bowl Sunday.  Unfortunately, because I’m also a Saints fan, I kind of hate it, too.  I always feel like a bit of a phony, an outsider, the “plus one” guest at the wedding.   Continue reading >>

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