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Recruiters, Do You Secretly Envy The Millionaire Matchmaker?

Okay, I don’t usually watch The Millionaire Matchmaker.  I only happened to catch it last night because (and I’m totally stealing my co-worker Craig’s lame excuse here) I lost my remote somewhere in my house last night, thus crippling my efforts to change the channel and forcing me to watch it.  If you’re not familiar with this Emmy-worthy show, it’s about professional matchmaker Patti Stanger‘s adventures in finding love matches for single millionaires.   Continue reading >>

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The Search is Over: CareerBuilder’s Resume Search Agents Were With You All the While

I don't often invoke the music of Survivor in my posts -- okay, make that never. But who am I kidding? I'd do it all the time if I could. We've talked before about cutting corners in your recruiting process to make your life a little less stressful and find better-suited candidates in less time. Our Resume Search Agents have been around for a while -- did you know?

The dish: CareerBuilder's Resume Search Agents, or RSAs

The gist: Conduct a Resume Database search, save that search, and have your new resume matches e-mailed to you as frequently (or infrequently) as you'd like. Also known as: The tempting dessert tray of CareerBuilder's Free Tools. The best of the candidates you're looking for, brought right to you. View resumes in your inbox right away, or take a more in-depth look once it's convenient for you. Like after dinner.

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Reason #41 to Leave the BlackBerry at Home: More Efficient Employees

Lost your BlackBerry somewhere along St. Charles Avenue (you know you had it with you at Popeye’s…) during your visit to New Orleans for Mardi Gras?  You might come back to more efficient employees because of it…at least that’s what you could take away from this recent Harvard Business Publishing article.  

In his post about helping employees choose by eliminating choices, blogger Peter Bergman includes an anecdote about an employer who wanted to get his employees in the practice of going to each other instead of him (presumably, I’m hoping, to encourage collaboration and innovation and not so he could play endless hours of peaceful, uninterrupted Facebook Scrabble), so he took a three-week vacation and didn’t check his email or voicemail once.  Continue reading >>

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Locked in the Car Trunk? CareerBuilder’s Most Outrageous Excuses for Being Late to Work

It's 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning. As you're drinking your double espresso and fumbling through a slew of new e-mails, your phone rings. "Hello?" "Hi, boss. It's Steve." "Steve, your voice sounds really muffled. Everything okay?" "Um, not really. You see, I'm locked in my car trunk. That's right -- I am calling you from the inside of my car trunk. I'm not going to be able to make it into work until I get out of here." Hmm. You've never got that phone call from an employee? Well, chances are you've heard a similarly outlandish excuse at some point. Workers have a slew of crazy excuses for being late to work, and "I got locked in my car trunk by my son" tops our most recent survey of over 8,000 workers. According to the survey, 20 percent of workers arrive late to work at least once a week, up from 15 percent in last year's survey. One in ten (12 percent) said they are late at least twice a week. The most popular "standard" reasons for running late are due to traffic (33 percent); lack of sleep (24 percent); and getting the kids ready for school or day care (10 percent). Public transportation woes, wardrobe issues (not of the Janet Jackson-malfunction kind), and dealing with pets are also also common reasons. But mixed in with those "common" reasons are those that are, well, a bit more odd.

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Is Your Corporate Culture Hurting Your Social Media Policy?

According to IBM employee and blogger Adam Christensen in his recent post, The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Media, “[Corporate] culture is…the most overlooked, underestimated factor determining whether social media succeeds or fails in a company.”

He ought to know. IBM has successfully implemented social networking into its day-to-day employee and customer relations – something Jennifer McClure of the Society for New Communications Research talks about in this recent interview podcast from Marketing Voices.  Continue reading >>

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Speaking of Workplace Gender Shifts…More Men Using Plastic Surgery to Cope with Career Anxiety

Last week, my colleague, Amy Chulik, wrote a post about how the number of working women is set to surpass that of men for the first time in history. Now, the Financial Times is reporting on another gender shift: The increase of men undergoing plastic surgery or non-invasive cosmetic treatments to further their professional longevity. According to the article:

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Oh, Dear! Get a Free T-Shirt From CareerBuilder

By now, you’ve all seen the CareerBuilder Big Game commercial…right?

Well, we’ve made our favorite koala (Is he British? Is he Australian? We don’t really know) into a minor celebrity and put his likeness on some limited-edition T-shirts. This is where you come in.

We want to know what you’re doing in the face of our current recession. There’s been a heap of negativity in the media lately, and we (as we suspect you do too) want to hear about the good things going on in businesses across the nation and around the world. Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder’s Free Tools You Can Use: One-Click Candidate Communication

We all have our little wish lists of things we want someone cool to invent, like, immediately. One of mine? Most recently (as in, this past Sunday), I had a moment of panic and thought I was out of my beloved Metropolis coffee. Right then, I longed for the existence of at-home coffee delivery. You say lazy; I say easy and time-saving. Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder Big Game Results Wrap-Up

As the most visited Web site among all of the Big Game advertisers, according to Hitwise Competitive Research, immediately following the airing of its commercial during Super Bowl XLIII, CareerBuilder amplified its traffic and furthered its reputation as the go-to job seeker resource online. Partnering with CareerBuilder means the opportunity to reach more job seekers than ever before.

With over 600 TV news stories featuring its Big Game ad, (including “The View”, “Good Morning America”, “TODAY Show”, “ABC World News”, CNBC, FOX Business, ESPN) CareerBuilder had the 6th highest TV news mentions around the Big Game. Continue reading >>

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Survey Finds More Companies Cutting Benefits in 2009

Looks like Starbucks’ dollar coffees are coming at the perfect time for the thousands of U.S. employees who are soon going to have to start paying for their morning caffeine fixes.

Following in the steps of Google and the like, nearly four in ten (38 percent) employers plan to cut back on various benefits this year, in efforts to curb overall operating expenses, according to CareerBuilder’s most recent survey  of over 3,000 hiring managers and HR professionals nationwide.  Continue reading >>

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