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Speaking of Workplace Gender Shifts…More Men Using Plastic Surgery to Cope with Career Anxiety

Last week, my colleague, Amy Chulik, wrote a post about how the number of working women is set to surpass that of men for the first time in history. 

Now, the Financial Times is reporting on another gender shift: The increase of men undergoing plastic surgery or non-invasive cosmetic treatments to further their professional longevity.  According to the article:

“There are definitely more business guys coming in and they have very focused demands,” says Cap Lesesne, pictured, one of Manhattan’s leading cosmetic surgeons. “They are worried about their job futures and their professional longevity.” Typical male patients might be in their mid-forties, he adds. “They’re fairly successful and they’re looking to work into their sixties.”

Not only are anxieties over the possibility of losing their jobs contributing to this trend, but UK-based Harley Medical Group noticed that many laid off male workers are using their severance packages toward these treatments “to rejuvenate their appearance to boost the chance of finding a new job.”

I guess I can understand this logic somewhat…I mean, it kind of follows both the cliché that you dress your face? for the job you want and – more likely – the theory that the Buffy Summers’ of the world get paid more and tend to get promoted faster than the Willow Rosenbergs of the world.

But here’s where it doesn’t make any sense at all…

Evidence suggests that age actually works for you when it comes to your chances of getting laid off. This recent BusinessWeek article points out that the unemployment rate among workers 55 and over is not only lower than that of younger workers, but their unemployment rate has risen less sharply.

So, then is all of this talk about anxiety little more than a masked excuse to justify vanity? An attempt to boost self esteem? What’s your take on all of this?

Mary Lorenz

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I think the decision by a plastic surgical operation is up to everybody who is not satisfied with his body. and be serious, who is really pleased with his body. everybody has his own "problem area"...and don't tell me that you can go along with it. this is a beautiful girl, for sure she was beautiful ,before she got some operations, too, but now her life is for her conditions much better than before. where is the problem? she is happy! @LISA WEST:)


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