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You May Just Fall In Love With the “My Letters” CareerBuilder Job Posting Tool

They’re not exactly love letters — but they just might steal your candidate’s heart. In fact, you might even fall in love with’s My Letters tool if you’re really lonely.

The gist:

My Letters allows you to create and save up to 20 different automatic response letters to send to job seekers after they submit an application to your job. Job Postings on their own are great, but if you’re not using My Letters, you’re:

  1. Sporting this style of desk (and life) organization
  2. Wasting a lot of time painstakingly hand-writing response letters with your old-school quill pen, you Thomas Jefferson wannabe.
  3. Ignoring candidates altogether. And really, that’s no good. No good at all.

Also known as:

The bento box of CareerBuilder’s Free Tools You Can Use. Y’know — Compartmentalize. Organize. (Yes, that’s Mario.)

Why you need it:

Communication is one of the most important elements of both personal and business communication — and with layoffs on the rise and more job seekers searching now than in the past, it is an absolutely crucial element of your hiring process. My Letters is a particularly effective tool to use with your Job Postings, because you can automate your communication to candidates, but still make your messages relevant and targeted to the candidates applying to your job.

Why job seekers love it:

My Letters enable you to get necessary information out to candidates quickly, easily, and effectively. You can create letters concerning the job position, needed candidate information, interview status, to alert of next steps in the process, to thank candidates, and more. Basically, My Letters are your canvas. Automate as much communication as you need to, and organize your candidate communication — no quill pens necessary!

And better yet, you’re not leaving candidates in the dark. You may not realize how much those candidates applying to your jobs want and need your attention and your responses, but they do. While that job may not be the first thing on your mind, people seeking a new job are likely checking their e-mail a million times a day. They’re applying like crazy, they’re busy working on their resumes, they’re setting up interviews — and they’re counting on that communication from you. By communicating with them in even simple ways, you’re setting yourself apart as an employer, and you are taking a huge and important step forth in relationships with those candidates who may be your next employees.

How to get it:

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New Survey on Workforce Restructuring Indicates Change Needs to Start at Home

With many organizations restructuring their workforces to accommodate increasing pressure to “do more with less,” Profiles International conducted a study of nearly 800 business leaders nationwide recently with the goal to identify the primary challenge these organizations face when implementing their restructuring plans.

The company released the findings of its Reorganization & Recovery Survey yesterday – with some very surprising numbers.  Continue reading >>

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Corporate Philanthropy: The Gift that Keeps on Giving?

If the business world were 80s teen flicks (and I’m not saying it’s not…), your employees may feel like Say Anything‘s Lloyd Dobler right about now…especially if they’ve recently seen their benefits, bonuses or even pay taken away as companies try to save money. 

Much like John Cusack’s lovable, love-weary everyman lamenting, “I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen,” your employees may be feeling  little defeated if they’ve been putting 110 percent of their efforts into their work only to get little to nothing back in return.  Continue reading >>

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Help Us Pick a Winner (And Maybe Pick Yourself Up a Little Something, Too)

CareerBuilder recently launched an ad contest for job seekers to create their own “It’s Probably Time” 45-second spot (a la our Super Bowl ad).  Go here to view the 10 finalists and vote for your favorite one. 

Even if you have no interest in voting, it’s worth checking out.  At the very least, you’ll get a cringe kick out of watching some of these submissions; however, you might also gain a little insight into what makes passive job seekers run to – and from - certain jobs and companies.  Continue reading >>

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Employee Internet Surfing: Do You Care?

A co-worker recently pointed me to a very interesting blog post by Phil Johnson, president of PJA Advertising, who writes on Ad Age’s “Small Agency Diary” that his office recently renovated and changed from a closed-office environment to a a completely open floor plan with no private offices, with the goal of creating a truly collaborative work space.

With this, of course, came a bit of a new dilemma: With no doors and no high cubicle walls, everyone could suddenly see what everyone else was doing on the computer. Shoe shopping, twittering, gawking at Facebook photos — the works. So Phil came up with a very clear policy on employees’ Internet usage at work, and shared it with his employees.

The statement? I don’t care what you do on the Internet.

It may seem bold, but he explains his reasoning in this post. And I have to say, he has some great points.

In contrast, Helen A.S. Popkin stresses in a recent MSNBC post that “the Internet is not your BFF,” relating the recent story of a would-be Cisco employee who tweeted post-interview:

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60% of Over-60 Workers Postponing Retirement, Finds CareerBuilder Survey

One more thing to add to the list of things to blame on the economy…

Six-in-ten workers (60 percent) over the age of 60 say they are putting off their retirement due to the impact of the U.S. financial crisis on their long-term savings, according to a survey released earlier this week by CareerBuilder.  According to the press release:

One in ten workers (11 percent) over the age of 60 who are putting off retirement say that the decrease to their savings may now cause them to never retire, while 73 percent think it will take them up to 6 years of extra work to recoup their lost savings. Continue reading >>

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10 Great On-Screen Workplace “Romances”

Inspired by Entertainment Weekly’s ode to history’s great “bromances” (which was inspired by today’s release of the new comedy “I Love You, Man“), I decided to pay tribute to another rarely celebrated faux romance: That between manager and employee. 

I thought it would be a nice change of pace from the conversations about employer/employee relations that tend to focus on the negative.  Continue reading >>

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7 Job Seeker Questions You Didn’t See Coming, Part II

I recently posted the first part of of “7 Job Seeker Questions You Didn’t See Coming.” These questions are really to get you thinking more creatively about the types of questions that may be thrown at you before, during, or even after an interview. Without further ado, here is the second installment:

  • “Is telecommuting or flexible scheduling an option?”
    Options such as these may not be the right fit for your company, and if that is the case, you should tell candidates up front. However, if you have flexible work alternatives in place (or considering them), it is a boon to you, because today’s job seekers are interested in working a bit differently.

    If you have been forced to freeze or cut salaries or trim benefits, flexible hours — or even summer hours — may be a great way to give back to your employees while you are getting back on your feet. Half-day Fridays, for example, can give employees a chance to reconnect with family and friends, take a class, or enjoy one afternoon/week doing something fun or educational away from the office grind. (Read: Doing something for themselves.) Moves like this can have a huge influence on employee morale.

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office pools

18 Percent of Workers Overtaken by March Madness

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I imagine a great majority of you spent the weekend celebrating responsibly(?) with green beer… Perhaps some of you were (like Amy Chulik and myself) at the SXSW Interactive conference (stay tuned for details!) …Still, others were likely strategically preparing for another early spring classic: March Madness.

Speaking of which…Today, CareerBuilder released its survey on workers who participate in March Madness office poolsContinue reading >>

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Recruiters and Outplacement Firms: The New Oprah and Gayle?

When it comes to sourcing new, top talent, are outplacement firms the recruiter’s best friend? 

Several months ago, I wrote a post about how other companies’ losses can be a recruiter’s gain.  That is to say, the employee that one downsizing company is forced to let go can be another company’s next high performer.

Then today over on Fistful of Talent, recruiting and networking expert Jennifer McClure went one better, saying that recruiters should look to outplacement firms as a resource for finding these high performers.  Continue reading >>

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