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NEW Video Post: Top Chefs Entertain at CareerBuilder’s SHRM 2009 Booth

Check out what CareerBuilder’s special guests, Brian Malarkey, Casey Thompson and Richard Blais from Bravo’s “Top Chef”, were cooking up at our booth Sunday during SHRM 2009.  (Get it? “Cooking up“? Get it? Okay, but seriously, they were actually cooking)  And don’t forget to check back here later to get the recipes.

For even more up-to-date videos and news from SHRM 2009, click here to visit our virtual site or simply follow our updates on Twitter! Continue reading >>

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Survivor of Layoffs? A T-Shirt for Your Thoughts

Are you pitching in to help your company survive the recession with less staff? If so, how are you and your employees surviving? What are the positives that have come out of your world, post-layoffs? We want to know.
  • Have you encouraged your employees to learn a new skill or picked one up yourself?
  • Have you forged stronger relationships with co-workers, or met new co-workers?
  • Are you finding better ways to prioritize or manage your work/life balance?
  • Have you made a professional or personal discovery?
  • Has your life has changed for the better in any other ways?
Write us a comment and share your survivor story by Friday, July 10, and five of you lucky readers will be randomly picked to receive your very own CareerBuilder Koala T-shirt. Oh, did we mention it's FREE? Post your comment by Friday, July 10 for a chance to score this tee:

koala Eager to develop a deeper relationship with our beloved coffee-drinking, eucalyptus-munching friend? Don't forget, you can become a friend of the CareerBuilder Koala on Facebook.

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Creating a Best Place to Work: Lessons from 2009′s 50 Best Small and Medium Companies to Work for in America

I just sat through a great session at SHRM 2009 given by Michael Burchell, Ed. D., vice president for Global Business Development, Great Place to Work® Institute. In addition to compiling the 50 Best Small and Medium Companies to Work for in America list, the Great Place to Work® Institute is also responsible for assembling the FORTUNE® 100 Best Companies list. Continue reading >>

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NEW Video Post: CareerBuilder Booth Experience SHRM 2009

Want to see more video and highlights from SHRM? Click here to visit our virtual site for up-to-date conference news and info. Continue reading >>

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SHRM 2009 Day One: Sound Bites and Snack Bites

Day one of SHRM is a wrap! The day's conference highlight was an opening keynote discussion with Jack Welch, who described HR professionals as his personal heroes. Among the business writer's other notable soundbites, below are some of my personal favorites:
  • HR should be as important as the CFO. How do you do this? Deliver.
  • Jack Welch's tough love advice for HR: Do not be a victim. Make change and impact.
  • HR is important in good times but defines a company in bad times.
  • The number one thing HR can do to elevate status: raise the bar by developing and training the team.
  • Government involvement in corporate bonuses is stupid. Top talent will always follow the money.
  • Get voice and communicate like hell. Let people know what's going on every step of the way.
  • See everyone as a teacher around you and take from the best.
  • People buy into change because they understand it and know what's in it for them.
  • The only way to win is with creative thinkers and innovation. Act faster and smarter.
  • Trust. Earn it everyday.
  • There is no such thing as work/life balance, just work/life choices. Make the choices that you are passionate about.
top-chefsMeanwhile, at the expo, CareerBuilder featured a Top Chef Reception featuring celebrity chefs Brian Malarkey, Casey Thompson and Richard Blais of Bravo TV's hit reality show "Top Chef". Check back in the coming days for the recipes for all the delicious treats they prepared. Were you at the opening day of SHRM? What were your reactions? Anyone get spotted by our secret shopper for wearing your CareerBuilder beads? Don't forget to check out our virtual SHRM experience site, where we're constantly adding new video, or stop by and say hello.

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SHRM 2009 Voluntourism Sponsored by CareerBuilder: Rebuilding New Orleans

It has been almost four years since Hurricane Katrina, and thanks to the dedication and hard work of residents and volunteers from all around the globe, downtown New Orleans is flourishing again.  Despite this progress, though, there are many residential neighborhoods outside the downtown area still in the process of rebuilding. This year SHRM offered its attendees the opportunity to work on a service project helping those in need, sponsored by CareerBuilder. Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder Launches Its SHRM 2009 Virtual Experience Site

After close to 12 months of planning, SHRM 2009 is finally upon us. SHRM is always an exciting time for us, and it’s our largest event to interact with customers and prospects. Once again we’ve tried to pull out all the stops to ensure everyone has a great experience. SHRM is not only a time to educate employers on our evolving solutions designed to drive business success in this changing economy, but also a time to kick back and have some fun. Continue reading >>

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obama dog

Who’s Letting the Dogs Out (and Into the Office) for “Take Your Dog to Work Day” Tomorrow?

obama dogTomorrow, if you were not already aware, marks the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. (And yes, that's more than enough reason to blast this gem from the year 2000 on full volume). According to a Web site dedicated to Take Your Dog to Work Day, the day was first celebrated in 1999. Take Your Dog To Work Day, the site says, "was created to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters and breed rescue clubs. This annual event encourages employers to experience the value of pets in their workplace for this one special day to promote pet adoptions."
What a great concept, eh? You can register your support for the recognized day --and there's Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace efforts you can join. The site even includes the Top 10 "Things to say to convince your boss to take part in Take Your Dog to Work Day," including:
  • Wagging tails work great when the a/c is on the fritz
  • Meetings end as soon as Rover starts staring at the conference room door
  • Finally, someone at your office will actually be working like a dog
Doggone it Despite the good intentions of this reserved day in which the greatest of human companions may roam the halls among us or take a swig from the water cooler when no one's watching, however, controversy abounds as to whether dogs should be allowed in the workplace at all. Are dogs allowed in your office -- and if they normally are not, should you bend the rules, even just for this one occasion? That's what the Marine Industries Association of South Florida has been doing. Even The Obama family's Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, has apparently been spotted hanging out during White House meetings. However, what works for one (oval) office doesn't necessarily work for another, as the writer of a blog on the Sun-Sentinel contends. The decision often depends on the office environment and the dog itself. Business owners who allow dogs into the office on a daily basis stress that it boosts employee morale. But employees who aren't comfortable with dogs may feel trapped, and obviously, some dogs are more "office-friendly" than others. On the other hand, you may work in a very dog-friendly office -- and share a mutual love for dogs and acceptance of their co-habitating in your workspace. Tips for bringing your favorite canine friend to work
  • Be respectful to your co-workers. Be sensitive to those who are allergic, scared of, or otherwise uncomfortable with dogs in the office. Check with your co-workers before bringing your fine fluffy friend with you to ensure that everyone is on board with it. If bringing your dog in presents a problem, work to find an alternative that works for everyone -- or find another way to give back to the canine community -- like The Humane Society.
  • Use your best judgment. If you know that Ruggles is an out-of-control 3-month-old who has yet to master the art of bladder control, it's probably not in your best interest to bring him along to roam the cubicles (and will probably also score you a lot of lunches alone in the near future). Your dog should be trained, well-behaved, and have the ability to keep the barking and tearing up the carpet to a minimum (unless your co-workers are okay with that).
  • Keep your dog happy -- and it's likely everyone else will be happy. Little things like bringing your dog's favorite blanket or treats to make him or her feel at home and occupied can make a big difference. The Examiner offers some tips for your dog's big day out.
So the question remains: Will every dog have its day? That's for you -- and your dog-fearing or dog-loving co-workers -- to decide. What are your plans?

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CareerBuilder’s Top Ten Best Practices for Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

untitledSocial Media works because it humanizes your company, engaging your audience in a more direct way than with other recruiting mediums. Here are some tips to think about as your analyze the social media aspect of your recruitment strategy:
  1. SET A GOAL: Setting a strategy before implementing tactics is critical to any business initiative. Before you dabble in social media, ask yourself if branding and awareness, client lead generation, candidate pipelining, candidate or client communication, or employee engagement is your aim.
  2. MASTER ONE MEDIUM: Many companies believe social media is an all or nothing adventure. However, the best approach is to start with one site. Head to your top pick and get comfortable with the interface and its unique features. It takes time and dedication to plan and follow through on posting new materials, developing a user base, etc.
  3. MANAGE YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION: Social media is all about word-of-mouth marketing. Share success stories, from an employee’s perspective, about working with your organization. Highlight your unique knowledge and share useful information with candidates that they will share with others.
  4. CREATE A USER EXPERIENCE: Social media is about creating an open dialogue and building relationships with others, with the end goal of creating an active community. You don’t want one-hit wonders; you want to start conversations that engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

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Not Hiring? Not an Excuse: Why and How Employers Need to Think About Recruiting Today

The following excerpt, adapted  from a recent article in CareerBuilder’s ManufacturingJobs Magazine, reveals what every employer should consider today in preparation for tomorrow:

With the latest reports showing slower declines in areas such as employment, production and inventory, all factors indicate that the economy is stabilizing, and that recovery may soon be within reach. CareerBuilder recently spoke with Herb Shields, President of HCS Consulting, to discuss trends in the manufacturing industry.  Continue reading >>

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