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Employment News for the Week of August 28

What a week. While many news channels were saturated with coverage of Ted Kennedy’s passing and the Michael Jackson homicide investigation, here’s what you may have missed in employment and recruiting news…

Can poor spelling derail a career? (It certainly can’t help it.) Look out, Mom ‘n’ Pop: Corporate giants are making a comeback.   British researchers find nice guys finish last…even in the workplace. Continue reading >>

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Job Seekers Want to Know: “Why Don’t You Call Us Back?”…Pt.2

Thanks to everyone who offered feedback after my earlier post asking recruiters why they don’t get back to job seekers. Just as I anticipated, the overwhelming reason people gave for not responding to job seekers was time constraints:

One respondent reported receiving up to 500 applicants for one filled position, while another said they had 50 – 100 applicants they were trying to reach each day, adding, “If they [recruiters] called very candidate back that called them they would be fielding candidate call backs all day.”  Okay, fair enough. Continue reading >>

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GM’s Buick Rejection on Twitter — and What We Can Learn From It

If a friend tells you they're not a huge fan of your three wolves T-shirt, well, maybe you'd defiantly wear it to dinner anyway because you know it looks, um, fabulous. But if your customers or candidates told you a new product of yours was hideous, would you scrap it? Well, that's exactly what General Motors Co. recently did, with its recent cancellation of plans to launch a new Buick sport-utility vehicle after asking for feedback from its customers, employees, and many others about the vehicle -- and then actually listening to that feedback. As Vice Chairman of GM Tom Stephens wrote on the GM FastLane blog after the decision was made:
The Buick crossover we showed received consistent feedback from large parts of all the audiences that it didn’t fit the premium characteristics that customers have come to expect from Buick.
The negative buzz all started when Twitter users started calling the vehicle a "Vuick," a reference to GM's Saturn Vue that provided the basis for the Buick. Consumers' complaints stemmed around the idea that the Buick was simply a retread of the Vue, rather than a new design. Add hashtag #vuick to a tweet, get others talking about it, and before you know it -- Twitter's all abuzz about it. And apparently, GM was watching -- and listening. And the criticism didn't end there.
We were all struck by the consistency of the criticism of the compact crossover. And what we decided to do in response is a good example of the essence of the new General Motors… acting quickly, and boldly, and listening to feedback from customers, employees, dealers, media and just about anyone else with an opinion, Stephens continued to say on the GM FastLane blog.
It appears that social media is taking companies to task in their business practices and behaviors. With customers, clients, and candidates reacting and sharing information and opinions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, businesses are forced to take a harder look at what they're doing -- or suffer the consequences of ignoring the chatter and damaging valuable relationships. I believe that this is a positive movement. Business practices are becoming not only more transparent, but more interactive. As an employer, you have probably already noticed this interactiveness if you participate on social networks. Social networking Web sites are be valuable tools for companies to embrace in order to connect with candidates, establish a brand presence online, and build valuable relationships. It's important to remember that you have the power to build or destroy relationships with candidates. You can ignore them or answer questions defensively, or you can reach out, engage, help -- and, as GM did, listen. Really listen to what candidates and employees want. After all, it's the best free advice out there. So I ask: Are you paying attention to what your candidates and employees are saying about you? How are you responding?

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CareerBuilder Leadership Series: Spotlight on Ben Roth, Founder and CEO of Roth Staffing

In CareerBuilder’s recent interview with Ben Roth, founder and chief executive officer of Roth Staffing Companies, L.P., Ben revealed his thoughts on the “three circles of the hedgehog,” his advice to other companies on how to create a values-driven company, the importance of his company’s “Ambassadors” in driving employee engagement, and more.

What was the mission you set out to accomplish when you created Roth Staffing? Continue reading >>

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Money Talks When It Comes to Retaining Top Talent, Survey Shows

Employers who want to retain top talent over the next 12 months had better be willing to pay up – at least that’s what the results of the annual Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations (EDGE) Report indicate.

Released today, the report, conducted by CareerBuilder and Robert Half International, provides an overview of the current employment situation, as well as a glimpse of the future hiring landscape.  Continue reading >>

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In Case You Missed It: Employment News for the Week of August 21

While you were figuring out how many Big Macs you earn in a year, setting your TiVo for the Project Runway premiere, or getting fitted for your very own invisibility cloak, here’s what was happening in the world of hiring and recruiting this week…  Continue reading >>

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More Workers Seeking Out Job Positions with Small Businesses (and Landing Them, Too)

Some current trends may seem obvious–possible Mad Men spoilers or First Lady Michelle Obama in shorts (oh my gosh!), but there’s another that may surprise you: small business. You heard me right. As workers find their way around one of the toughest economies and job markets in the nation’s history, more and more of them are seeking out–and finding–new job positions with small businesses, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. Continue reading >>

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Nearly Half of Employers Use Social Networking Sites to Screen Job Candidates

Wow…according to CareerBuilder’s latest survey, the number of employers using social networking sites to screen candidates has more than doubled in the last year.  

Out of more than 2,600 hiring managers, 45 percent reported using social networking sites to research job candidates’ backgrounds for information that verified – or supplemented – the information on their resumes.  This finding represents a huge increase from the 22 percent of hiring managers who said the same thing last year. Continue reading >>

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Social Networking vs. Social NOTworking: Where Do You Stand?

 “Social Notworking: The practice of spending time unproductively on social-networking websites, especially when one should be working.” –

In the ongoing debate over whether social networking is a productivity booster or a productivity destroyer, what’s your stance?

If you’re part of Team Destroyer, here’s new fuel for your fire: A recent study from Nucleus Research found that Facebook negatively affects office productivity.   Continue reading >>

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It’s Easier than Ever for Green Employers to Find their Job Seeker Match

leafGreen-collar jobs are expected to grow rapidly over the next several years --at a rate of 1.3 million jobs per year through 2030, to be exact. More and more of today's job seekers are seeking out employment with environmentally conscious businesses. Needless to say, it's smart to start thinking about making your business more green, if you're not doing so already.

CareerBuilder has launched, a site that allows employers the ability to post their environmentally focused, or green, positions and connect with environmentally conscious job seekers. Whether you are an employer with a specific green-collar job or a company with sustainable business practices, you can find candidates at all skill levels across many different industries seeking a green job or company.

GoingGreenJobs for employers

Employers may post both full-time and part-time jobs by skill sets, enhanced green job titles and categories, and geographic location. Popular searches thus far include "sustainable jobs," "alternative energy jobs," "carbon capture," "wind power jobs," "biofuel" and "energy efficiency."

The site also includes environmentally focused articles, links to the latest news from the U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and a list of popular green companies.

Green jobs and the economy

Earlier this year the Obama administration marked more than $98 billion of the economic stimulus bill for energy and environmental projects; many of these projects will encourage the creation of green jobs. According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, green jobs growth outpaced other job classifications by nearly 250 percent over the last decade, growing 9.1 percent between 1998 and 2007, versus 3.7 percent for the overall job market.

Additionally, the Chicago-based outplacement consulting firm Challenger, Grey and Christmas predicts that job growth in environment, ecology and alternative energy sectors will "fuel significant growth and job creation over the next decade."

The focus on green jobs continues to increase year over year as job seekers look for more environmentally conscious career paths and employers make changes to protect the environment,” said Jason Ferrara, vice president of corporate marketing at CareerBuilder. “One-in-ten employers say they have added green jobs in the last 12 months. will enable employers the ability to specifically target their environmentally friendly positions to an audience that is actively seeking employment in the green field.

How job seekers can use the site

  • Job seekers can use to find information on green job fairs and events, determine average salaries with a green jobs calculator, explore various industries, and keep up with the latest in green news and job opportunities.
  • Job seekers will also be able to post up to five different versions of their resume to increase their visibility to potential employers in a variety of environmental areas.Read the full press release here.

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