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More Workers Seeking Out Job Positions with Small Businesses (and Landing Them, Too)

shortsSome current trends may seem obvious–possible Mad Men spoilers or First Lady Michelle Obama in shorts (oh my gosh!), but there’s another that may surprise you: small business. You heard me right. As workers find their way around one of the toughest economies and job markets in the nation’s history, more and more of them are seeking out–and finding–new job positions with small businesses, according to a new CareerBuilder survey.

One in five workers (22 percent) surveyed who were laid off from full-time jobs in the last 12 months landed new jobs with small businesses. Another 59 percent said they are interested in working for a small business. And 29 percent of workers are getting the entrepreneurial bug and considering starting a small business of their own. With those kinds of numbers, it’s not a surprise that small businesses account for most of the nation’s new job creation, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Small businesses will play a critical role in the rebuilding of the U.S. job market,” said Brent
Rasmussen, President of CareerBuilder North America. “As drivers of innovation, small
businesses will help to re-energize the economy and support recovery efforts. In turn, workers
will find that working for a small business can provide a wealth of experience in a variety of
roles, a competitive compensation structure, a flexible work environment and more.

When asked why they wanted to work for a small business (in addition to job growth potential), workers gave the following reasons:

  • A family-like work environment –- 56 percent
  • More employee recognition –- 49 percent
  • A sense that you can make a  difference –- 48 percent
  • An absence of corporate red tape –- 46 percent

Small business out there, have you had an influx of formerly laid off workers recently? Do you look to these workers as a valued part of your future organization?

Amy K. McDonnell

About Amy K. McDonnell

Originally hailing from Ohio, Amy is the editorial manager on the content services team and has been with both CareerBuilder and the city of Chicago for nearly a decade. She writes on a range of recruitment topics on The Hiring Site, striving to bring a dose of clarity and humor to sometimes complicated issues around employee attraction, engagement and retention. When she's not working, Amy spends as much time as possible reading, pretending to be a chef, writing short stories, eating Nutella out of the jar, waiting for CTA buses and trains, going to see her favorite bands live, and spending time with people who inspire and challenge her.


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