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Time to Clean Up Those Cliché Interview Questions?

Life is full of clichés — but your interviews shouldn’t fall victim to them. The interview process is constantly evolving, and with it, you too must review your process — and yes, evolve. Don’t forget –  just as you are screening job seekers through an interview, they are also screening you.

Companies expect candidates to continuously advance their skills, be cognizant of industry news, and surpass expectations. Continue reading >>

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Need a Tissue? Some Floss? Don’t Rely on Colleagues to Point it Out, Survey Reveals

Yesterday, CareerBuilder released the results of a survey about confronting awkward office situations.  More than 4,400 workers nationwide participated to reveal which embarrassing observations – from an undone zipper to the need for a breath mint – they would be willing to point out to a co-worker of equal, lower or higher status. (Results after the jump.)

It may seem silly, but when you’re in these situations yourself, it doesn’t always feel that way – personal hygiene and appearance are pretty sensitive subjects, and rather than risk awkwardness by trying to save someone from future embarrassment, many of us will do anything we can to avoid it altogether.   Continue reading >>

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Ask This, Not That! Avoiding Inappropriate Interview Questions

If you’ve ever skimmed the Eat This, Not That! book series (you can admit it), you know the premise of the books is to help you make healthier choices about the foods you eat.  Instead of consuming a thick, rich, creamy chocolate milkshake, for example, you could theoretically get the same delicious taste satisfaction – but fewer calories! – by eating fat-free, no-sugar-added chocolate pudding (theoretically). Continue reading >>

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More Workers Living Paycheck to Paycheck, CareerBuilder Survey Finds

ramenHave you been overhearing your employees talking about living on ramen (not that there's anything wrong with that) and refreshing the computer screen a hundred times a day to spot the exact moment that paycheck deposits? That may not come as a huge shock, but current worker struggles may be deeper and more common than you realize. As we continue to experience the effects of a sluggish economy, many workers are struggling with household budgets. A whopping 61 percent of workers report they always or usually live paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet, up from 49 percent last year and 43 percent in 2007, according to a new nationwide survey of more than 4,400 workers by CareerBuilder. Thirty percent of workers with salaries of $100,000 or more report that they too live paycheck to paycheck, up from 21 percent in 2008. So, how are workers getting by?

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Follow CareerBuilder for Employers on Facebook – You Just Might Become the Proud Owner of an Award Winning Jack in the Box

A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend a two-day corporate training event at the Human Performance Institute. The Institute's message is all about managing energy - not time - as the key to sustained high performance. While the information presented was really powerful, the one line that stuck with me all these years was something one of the nutritionists said. She said, "waste or waist," meaning leftover food can either be wasted or go straight to your waist. Now choose the lesser of the two evils. Well, "waste or waist" may be applicable for food, but at CareerBuilder, we hate to waste anything. And to my joyful surprise, when I arrived at work today I found 10 pristine CareerBuilder Jack in the Boxes left behind in a dark storage room.

You may not know this, but Jack took home the gold medal in the Special Promotions category of the 2008 BMA Tower Awards. So, needless to say, he's kind of a big deal, and finding this guy robbed of all of his glory in a dark storage closet was kind of like finding a few extra Emmy statuettes carelessly tossed into the laundry hamper. (Relatively speaking, the Jack in the Boxes are probably more akin to statuettes from the Daytime Emmy's, but still...) That said, here's my challenge to you: Help me find this award-winning guy a good home. What does this mean for you? Well, if you want to be a proud owner of the award winning Jack, simply become a fan of our employer Facebook page, CareerBuilder for Employers AND leave a comment on our Facebook Wall about a topic you'd like us to discuss on Facebook. We'll choose 10 lucky new followers at random to win. This offer expires Monday September 28 at 5 pm CST. Don't let our lonely Jacks go to waste! Facebook fans have the opportunity to receive exclusive info and promotions, as well as interact with fellow fans (and us of course!).


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Employment News for the Week of September 18

This week, while you were planning your Patrick Swayze movie marathon,  apologizing to Taylor Swift, or curing blindness with a tooth, here’s what you may have missed in the world of hiring and recruiting… 

Stiletto heels: The latest workplace casualty? The Yale student murder is just one more incident in growing wave of workplace violence Don’t call it a comeback…yet: Unemployment claim filings dip. Continue reading >>

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What Should Really Be Included on a Candidate’s Resume?

ceviche1An interesting discussion started to develop the other day on our Twitter stream after we tweeted about a blog post regarding which information a candidate should include on his or her resume -- and which should be ditched with yesterday's "Top Chef" contestant. Some of you think an objective is a necessary component of a resume, pointing out that it can provide an expanded view of a candidate's experience as well as detail a candidate's drive and vision -- while others dismissed it as clutter or vague filler. Many of you were divided on whether candidates should send a resume to you in a Word document or in a PDF. As evidenced by a CareerBuilder survey earlier this year, over a third (38 percent) of HR managers spend just one to two minutes reviewing a candidate's resume before making some kind of decision about it. That's not a lot of time for a candidate to put his or her best foot forward and make a strong impression. So how, exactly, should candidates make a (good) impression on you, employers? In a recent CNN article, CareerBuilder's vice president of corporate marketing, Jason Ferrara, offered five tips for job seekers to make their resume stand out:
  1. Include a career summary at the top of a resume
  2. Keep it up to date
  3. Incorporate keywords
  4. Use a functional resume
  5. Include all relevant experience
And in an article on MSN careers, CareerBuilder writer Rachel Zupek, gives 10 resume tips for candidates to get a better response from employers. They include having a less-selfish objective, focusing on accomplishments rather than duties, and filling in any unemployment gaps. Of course, resume information may also include things like social media info (a candidate's Twitter handle or professional networking profile), volunteer work, awards, certification and training, work history, references (or stating "References available upon request." But the real question is, What information do you want to see in a candidate's resume -- and what are they better off leaving out like former Top Chef contestant Mattin's undercooked ceviche?

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New Study Highlights Challenges, Opportunities for Staffing Firms

Okay, so there’s good news and there’s not-great-but-not-necessarily-bad-but-really-mostly-just-good-to-know-for-future-reference news for staffing firms… 

While awareness and satisfaction levels for staffing firms have increased over the past year (that’s the good news), a new survey by CareerBuilder and Inavero Institute indicates there’s still a lot of room for improvement in these areas (that’s…well, you get it)

 “While staffing firms have done a better job delivering their value to clients, job seekers, however, are still looking for a more engaging and positive experience,” said Todd McCormick, president of CareerBuilder’s Recruiter Business Unit. Continue reading >>

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Do Your Part for America. Hire a Veteran.

Actually, many of you already are – and to your benefit, too.

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey on military veterans re-entering the workforce, 41 percent of employers reported that they have hired U.S. veterans or members of the National Guard in the last six months.  Just over 20 percent said they are actively recruiting veterans and members of the National Guard for open positions today – most commonly in the areas of information technology, engineering, management and sales. Continue reading >>

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Employment News for the Week of September 4

This week, while you were busy trying to think of a 19th name that starts with J, checking your can of diet soda for stray amphibians, or possibly discovering the body of a mythical creature, here’s what you may have missed in the world of hiring and recruiting…

Someone’s got some ‘splaining to do: A new study shows employers consistently cheat low-wage workers. Continue reading >>

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