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Soon to be a Ghost: Looking Back on October’s Workplace News and Gossip

We’re carving our last pumpkins and sweeping up October’s leaves, about to let November move in. With one final look around, we’re donning our balloon boy costumes fondly reminiscing about all the things that made October such a special month. Where to start?

Ah, yes. There was that controversy over sex in the workplace, for starters. And employees dished about their most unusual excuses for missing work–including gems like “I was injured chasing a seagull” — and we promptly published them in a survey for employers everywhere to guffaw at (or scorn). Continue reading >>

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How Do You Identify a Leader? Give Us Your Thoughts for a Chance to Win!

Calling all recruiters and hiring managers: you could be the lucky recipient of a brand new Kindle™!

The latest employment indicators show that companies will be slow to hire in Q4, even as their profit outlook improves. Part of the reason for this is economic uncertainty among employers; however, on the upside, it’s also a reaction to the fact that companies have found ways to do more with less, according to this Wall Street Journal article. Continue reading >>

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“Working for You Isn’t Working for Me” Authors on Bad Bosses and More: Part III

During Part III of my conversation with “Working for You Isn’t Working for Me: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Boss” authors Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, we discussed actionable steps bosses can take right now to start on the path to becoming better bosses--and Katherine and Kathi offered bosses some unabashed advice on leading in today's workplace environment. Read on for interview Part III (of three):

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New Survey Reveals Which Halloween Characters Bosses Most Resemble

Might as well cross taking the “Which Halloween character are you?” Facebook quiz off your ‘to do’ list secret ‘to do’ list – CareerBuilder already did the work for you.

CareerBuilder recently asked more than 4,000 workers nationwide, “Which Halloween character does your boss most resemble?” – among other questions – for its Halloween survey, released today.

According to the survey, 18 percent of workers describe their workplace as scary. Continue reading >>

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Employment News for the Week of October 23

While you were busy pre-ordering your Michelle Obama action figure, pre-ordering your balloon boy costume (oh, yes – it’s a real thing), or upgrading to Windows 7, here’s what was happening in the world of hiring and recruiting this week…

Some of FORTUNE’s “40 Under 40″ discuss business lessons learned the hard way. The future of job interviews: no pants necessary? Continue reading >>

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Employment Brands: How Leading Companies Recruit and Retain Great Employees

What makes an organization a “best place to work?” Check out these common practices of companies that are frequently recognized among job seekers, consumers, industry analysts and – not least of all – their own employees for being great places to work.

     They’re not afraid to relinquish a little control. Despite reports that over half of employers still ban social networking at work, companies who’ve embraced it have found tremendous reward in enabling employees to use social media.
Continue reading >>

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“Working for You Isn’t Working for Me” Authors on Bad Bosses and More: Part II

During Part II of my conversation with “Working for You Isn’t Working for Me: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Boss” authors Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, we covered everything from the failure of many bosses to recognize the non-business side of employee relationships, to bosses being terrorized, to what it means for employees to take back their personal power, to learning to accept one’s boss–and more. Continue reading >>

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Many Employees in the Dark When It Comes to Open Enrollment, Survey Finds

Last week, CareerBuilder released its annual survey on open enrollment that found that 15 percent of hiring managers estimate more than 10 percent of their employees miss annual open enrollment deadlines each year on average, which can have a significant impact on employees’ pocketbooks.

According to the survey, one third (34 percent) of human resource managers said missing open enrollment costs employees, on average, at least $500 in out-of-pocket expenses. Continue reading >>

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We Asked, You Answered: Reader Interview Questions, Part II…The Best of the Rest

For the second of our two-part series on reader-submitted interview questions, take a look at the best of the rest…from the old standbys, to the brainteasers, to the somewhat bizarre.

Cult Classics
The following traditional interview questions received multiple mentions – in one form or another. Clearly, these oldie-but-goodies still do the trick for many of you:

    Why do you want to work here?
Continue reading >>

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We Asked, You Answered: Reader Interview Questions, Part I…The Best of the Best

Last week, we challenged you to give us the most effective, insightful interview questions you’ve either asked or been asked — and you didn’t disappoint. (I’m sure it helped only a little that we sweetened the deal.)

In the end, however, everyone came away a winner: Out of over 600 entries, we compiled for you a comprehensive list of the best of the best interview questions that readers swear by - from the old standbys, to some new classics, to the downright bizarre - in a two-part series.  Continue reading >>

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