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Employment News for the Week of January 15

Assuming you might need an excuse to tear yourself away from the coverage of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake, here’s a roundup of this week’s top stories from the world of talent management and recruitment:

Many companies talk about diversity (but are they really saying anything?)
Speaking of…Is “The Office” the new model for workplace diversity? (That’s what she said.)
Reporting from the red carpet apparently isn’t as easy as it looks Continue reading >>.

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Small Businesses Report on Access to Credit, Other 2010 Challenges In New CareerBuilder Survey

Although there are signs that the economy is beginning to heal, small businesses are still feeling aches and pains caused by the recession. About a third (34 percent) of small businesses — organizations with 500 employees or fewer — are unsure if they will have access to necessary credit in 2010, according to a new CareerBuilder survey conducted between Nov. Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder Unveils Its New Big Game Commercial (With a Little Help from You)

Can’t wait until February 7th for an excuse to gorge on cheap beer and buffalo wings in the middle of the day to see the commercials that will air during the big game? Alrighty then…here’s one:

Or is it?  The above clip is actually just one possibility for what CareerBuilder might air during the big game.  This morning, CareerBuilder launched, where you can not only see the three winners of its HireMyTVAd contest, but you can actually vote for which commercial you think should actually air on national TV during the 2010 big game. Continue reading >>

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Are You All Talk When it Comes to Workplace Diversity Efforts?

For most companies, the answer is “yes,” according to a recent story on  According to yesterday’s report, while diversity hiring practices have come a long way in recent years, most companies still have a long way to go with their diversity efforts, particularly when it comes to promoting minorities.

Even companies that have a good reputation for having great diversity programs still have difficulty mentoring and creating opportunities for minorities to advance in their organizations, says Debbie Atterberry, president of the multicultural nonprofit RESOURCE, in a recent blog post about her organization’s own diversity efforts.   Continue reading >>

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Employment News for the Week of January 8

While you were busy addressing cancellation rumors, shopping for the e-reader that’s right for you, or helping Samantha Micelli raise money for clean water, here’s what was happening in the world of hiring and recruiting this week…

If everyone could just calm down a sec about today’s jobs numbers
Business meeting? Time to dig out the ol’ SuperSoaker 5000 Continue reading >>.

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“Find a New Job” Among One in Five Employees’ New Year’s Resolutions, New Survey Indicates

Just in time for the job market to start stabilizing, employers are getting something all-new to worry about: How to retain the very talent that helped them survive the downturn.  

According to a new CareerBuilder survey on worker satisfaction, released today, nearly one-in-five workers (19 percent) plan to leave their current job this year to find a new one.   

This should come as little surprise to employers who were forced to make tough business decisions last year, which often meant asking workers to take on heavier workloads with fewer resources and less pay.   Continue reading >>

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Businessman with Big Lollipop

How Do You Sell Your Company to Win Over Your Ideal Candidates? Part II: The Tangible

In Part I of  “How does your company sell itself to ensure you win over your ideal candidates?” we asked all of you what exactly you’re doing to snag the attention of your ideal candidates. There were many great responses, and in sifting through them, I realized that while many of the ways you compete for candidates you want are conceptual, many others are so tangible you can pet them (dogs in the office, anyone?)

How Are You Getting An Edge? Continue reading >>

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