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Employment News for the Week of February 26

While you were busy pushing through your bloody nose, heading to the Apple store to get hitched, or wishing you’d bought theft protection when you opened your foursquare account, here’s what was happening in the world of hiring and recruiting this week…

Cut hours or cut jobs? That could soon be the question
Walmart gives student workers credit Continue reading >>…literally.  

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Will the Real Candidate Please Stand Up? How to Spot a Fake Resume

Can you spot a fake resume? Can’t blame you if the answer’s no…It’s becoming trickier than ever thanks to the rise in Web sites – like and – that make it even easier for job seekers to falsify information on their resumes.

Add to that the already strained resources hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters have to verify these claims, and it’s even easier for unqualified job seekers to slip through the cracks. Continue reading >>

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Employers Reveal Candidates’ Most Unusual Job Interview Behavior

As a society, we are willing to quickly forgive (or at least forget) some mistakes, yet when it comes to others (cough Tiger Woods cough), we’re still unsure where we stand. In the world of candidate interviews, the balance between what is acceptable and what is not can often be shaky — particularly in our current economy, with competition and pressure for jobs is at a high. Continue reading >>

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Job Seekers Gravitate to Socially Responsible Companies, Survey Finds

If Quiznos’ was hoping to boost its employment brand, the fast food chain’s new environmentally conscious “Eat Toasty, Be Green” campaign – which includes the use of new biodegradable packaging and employee uniforms made from recycled materials – could not have come out at a better time.

Job seekers seem to gravitate toward social responsible companies, according to a recent Kelly Services survey of nearly 100,000 people in 34 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Continue reading >>

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Challenges Ahead

Readers Share Real-Life Solutions to Today’s Biggest Recruitment Challenges

Thanks to everyone who – in response to last week’s “We Ask, You Win” contest – shared their company’s biggest challenges in recruiting and retaining workers.  You gave us some great feedback, and I’d like to share some of those answers with the rest of our readers.

Challenge: “I have too many resumes to sort through.”  The influx of resumes recruiters and hiring managers are receiving right now can be both a blessing and a curse. Continue reading >>

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Employment News for the Week of February 19

While you were busy apologizing to Kevin Smith, apologizing to everyone else, or refusing to apologize to Sarah Palin, here’s what was happening in the world of hiring and recruiting this week…

Need a good thank you gift for your employees? How about the business?
 Showing your vulnerable side could be a strategic business move… 
Is Toyota’s HR department to blame Continue reading >> for the company’s failures?

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Social Media Recruiting Made Easy: A New (Free) eBook

Today, CareerBuilder released its new eBook  Will Tweet for Talent: A User’s Guide to Talent Recruitment through Social Media.

Why? Because using social media to recruit takes time…but reading about doing it doesn’t have to!

(Sorry – I couldn’t help myself with the cheesy tagline.  Obviously, that’s not the one CareerBuilder ended up going with for the eBook.)

It’s true, though: A quick and easy read, this eBook is informative without getting too bogged down with details or technical language. Continue reading >>

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Working for a Younger Boss? You’re In Good Company

No, I mean you’re kind of living In Good Company, the 2004 film where Dennis Quaid’s character finds himself working for a much younger boss, played by Topher Grace.  Oh, and also, you actually are in good company…

According to a new survey by CareerBuilder,  43 percent of workers ages 35 and older said they currently work for someone younger than them. Continue reading >>

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Calling all Employers: Is “To Whom it May Concern” the Kiss of Death?

One of our colleagues over at CareerBuilder’s job seeker blog, The Work Buzz, recently wrote about whether writing “To Whom It May Concern” as the salutation to a prospective employer on a cover letter is the kiss of death for a potential employee.

I think what’s most interesting about this question is that, as evidenced in the post’s comments section, both those in the position of hiring and of being hired have quite a varied opinion on which salutations are acceptable on a candidate’s cover letter — and whether it even matters. Continue reading >>

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Employment News for the Week of February 12

While you were busy getting more intimate than you might’ve wanted with your Gmail contacts, apologizing for trying (and failing…so so much) to be clever, or sharing your Valentine’s Day horror stories, here’s what was going on in the world of talent management and recruiting this week:

British employees say U.S. employer has some ‘splainin’ to do
Looking for love in all the wrong workplaces Continue reading >>?

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