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A Final Look Back at April’s Hiring Woes and Recruitment Wins

Woman looking surprised at recruitment news on computer screenIf you can tear yourself away from KFC's Double Down sandwich or the latest episode of Glee long enough, take a few minutes to check out what you've missed this past month in the wonderful and sometimes wacky world of recruitment. We found reason to be optimistic with CareerBuilder and USA Today's Q2 2010 hiring forecast results, and BLS released March's Employment Situation report, which revealed that the economy saw its largest job gain in three years. And hey! Things are even looking up for college graduates in terms of the job outlook. While we're talking about better news in hiring, I should probably mention that we just released our new how-to-hire e-book, CareerBuilder's Ultimate Recruitment Guide. Download a copy for yourself -- or your team -- now.

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Half of Workers Who Were Laid Off in the Last Three Months Have Found Jobs, New Survey Shows

In yet another sign of a recovering job market, a new CareerBuilder survey released today shows that laid-off workers’ job searches are beginning to improve as well. According to the nationwide survey of 900 workers who were laid off in the past year, 51 percent of workers who were laid off in the last three months have found new full-time or part-time positions. Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder Leadership Series: Spotlight on Martha O’Gorman, Chief Marketing Officer at Liberty Tax Service

In the following excerpt from CareerBuilder’s recent interview with Martha O'Gorman, chief marketing officer of Liberty Tax Service discusses the importance of hiring the right people for the right jobs, the value of company culture and engaging brand advocates.
Liberty Tax Service has been the recipient of several awards in the past couple years – which of these are you most proud of and why? We're proud of all of them, but I think the one that we're most proud of is one that we just received locally from Inside Business magazine, calling Liberty Tax Service "one of the best places to work in Hampton Roads" (which is the Tidewater Region of Virginia). To be named the best place to work in an entire metropolitan region was really special to us because we really embrace our culture, and we are proud to be recognized as a great place to work. Our rankings in Entrepreneur Magazine also stand out because that's an industry-wide franchise publication that many people refer to when they're looking to purchase a franchise opportunity. To be recognized by them as one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities – and one of the best out of 500 opportunities – is good for the franchise system in general.

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In Case You Missed It: News for the Week of April 23

While you were busy breaking barriers in the comic book world, sending “shockwaves” throughout the NFL with your draft pick, or really, really, really wishing you’d remembered to clean out your cookieshere’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

This whole “green” thing seems to be catching on. A new book on performance reviews likens the practice to Bill and Ted’s journey . Continue reading >>

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Ready for Earth Day 2010? Majority of Employers Making an Effort to Be More Environmentally Conscious, Finds New Survey

As many of you are likely aware, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22. Around the world, people are taking part in everything from planting gardens, to clean water projects, to climate rallies, to people-powered smoothie making to celebrate and raise awareness. The White House is making a splash by dedicating five days of events to celebrate Earth Day. Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder's Ultimate Recruitment Guide

Introducing CareerBuilder’s Ultimate Recruitment Guide (Free Download)

We at CareerBuilder have created this e-book for you, the employer.
  • For the small bait and tackle shop owner, as well as the restaurant franchise owner.
  • For the small tech firm, as well as the Fortune 500 corporation.
CareerBuilder's Ultimate Recruitment GuideBecause while your recruitment needs may be vastly different from every other business, you still do have recruitment needs. And whether you are concerned with getting less application drop-off, building a stronger employment brand, delving into the world of social media, providing more training opportunities for your employees, or a myriad of other challenges, CareerBuilder’s team of experts can help you isolate and tackle the specific areas of concern in your recruitment process and move forward to meet your next challenge with confidence and ease.

Use this e-book to discover our best tips around:

  • Recruitment benchmarking
  • Talent intelligence
  • Compensation strategy
  • Employment branding
  • Social media recruitment
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Candidate attraction
  • Recruitment process optimization
  • Employee training
  • Succession management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Interview questions
  • ...and more!
Download CareerBuilder’s Ultimate Recruitment Guide e-Book, our brand new how-to-hire guide stocked with the latest tips and advice – and designed to address your unique recruitment needs today.

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Has a Job Candidate Ever Stumped You? Tell Us for the Chance to Win an iPod Nano!

We’ve all heard stories about “difficult” interview questions. Rarely, however, do those stories focus on the interviewer, so…For our latest “We Ask, You Win” contest, The Hiring Site is asking you to share with us: Has a job candidate ever asked you a question that you found particularly difficult to answer? 

Perhaps, for example, a candidate asked a question that threw you off-guard and made you change the way you prepare yourself or your team for interviews… Or maybe a candidate asked about something you never would have thought would be important to them (like your corporate social responsibility or green initiatives), thus making you rethink how you sell your company to job candidates… Or perhaps a candidate asked about something your company didn’t currently offer (like a certain benefit), that you had never considered before…

Whether you didn’t know the answer, didn’t know how to answer, or perhaps you knew that the answer wasn’t what the candidate wanted to hear…We want to hear from you to tell us the question, how you handled it and, most importantly, what you learned from the experience. Continue reading >>

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In Case You Missed It: News for the Week of April 16

While you were busy learning a recipe you’d never find in Martha Stewart Living, explaining the difference between ads and what sound an awful lot like ads, or saying goodbye to any chance you ever had to get tickets to Oprah’s ‘favorite things’ episodehere’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

It’s not just employees who benefit when companies implement wellness programs. Continue reading >>

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What’s Ahead for College Grads? Let’s Take a Peek at the Job Outlook

The outlook for college grads is not the same as it has been in the past — like, say, in 2007, when 79 percent of employers indicated in a CareerBuilder survey that they planned to hire recent college grads. Still, although it appears the overall job market for 2010 college graduates will remain highly competitive, this year’s job forecast is showing some signs of improvement. Continue reading >>

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How CoCo Became Team TBS: The Power of the Employee Referral

Looks like the rumors (being rumors and all) were false: TBS announced today that Conan O’Brien has signed a deal to star in a late night talk show on the network, effectively putting to rest earlier speculation that FOX was going to sign the former “Tonight Show” host. 

I wrote earlier about how ,as an employer who’s hoping to attract a top talent like O’Brien, FOX was doing everything right…so how did TBS, a cable television network that isn’t exactly known for its original late night programming and certainly doesn’t bring in the same audience numbers that FOX does, secure this coveted hire? Continue reading >>

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