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Fake Facebook Statuses Can Get You Fired…and More News From This Week

While you were busy pondering about a thousand or so unanswered questions, wondering why you never thought to put your favorite NBA team’s logo on a pizza (seems so obvious now, doesn’t it?), taking the movie Up a little too literally or planning an amaaaaazing Memorial Day barbecue, here’s what you may have missed in the world of talent management and recruitment. Continue reading >>

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The Latest Thing to Come Back to the Office? Summer Vacation

No surprises here: American workers need a vacation now more than ever.

And thanks to an improving economy, more workers are tending to that need this year, according to CareerBuilder’s annual vacation survey.

According to the survey of nearly 4,800 workers, 56 percent of workers say they are more in need of a vacation in 2010 than they have been in past years. Continue reading >>

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Reaching for that Extra Donut? You’re Not Alone: More Workers Gaining Weight Due to Office Stress

Seeing more co-workers stuffing large quantities of cupcakes left after meetings into their purse, or frantically kicking the vending machine to try to trick it into giving them two candy bars? Hopefully not, because that would be messy and violent, respectively — but if you’re eating a little more and are seeing everyone around you do the same, you may be happy to know there’s a reason for all the eating madness: Work stress and economic pressure. Continue reading >>

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Lady Gaga Wants to Be the Next Celebrity Apprentice…and Other News From This Week

While you were spending precious work hours your leisure time playing the best new party game EVER, opening a moral and ethical can of worms, or withdrawing $20 fast cash in solemn tribute to the inventor of the ATM, here’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

Gen Y job seekers aren’t asking for a green workplace — they’re demanding it.    Continue reading >>

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Team Breakfast

Give Us Your Thoughts for Your Chance to Win Breakfast for Your Team, Three Months of Coffee and More!

Team BreakfastBe the hero and surprise your team with three months of breakfast treats from Wolferman's, or singlehandedly caffeinate your employees for all of Q3 2010 with a 3-month Dunkin' Donuts coffee subscription. And even if you don't win either of those, you have a chance to win your own copy of "Why Works Sucks and How to Fix It." Entering is Easy: Simply answer the question, "Do you think a results-only work environment would work at your company? Why or why not?" in the comments below -- and you'll automatically be entered to win! What’s ROWE all about? Read on to find out — and then enter to win for your chance at free swag!

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In Case You Missed It: News for the Week of May 14

While you were busy tasting a genuine American burger, denying divorce rumors, or ending an respectable 85-year-old careerhere’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

Here’s where the ‘transferrable’ part of transferrable skills comes into play… We needed 11 years’ worth of scientific research to tell us this? Buffalo job seekers are subtle. Continue reading >>

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One Third of Workers Plan to Look for New Jobs When the Economy Picks Up

True story.  According to a new CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,700 employers and 4,800 workers nationwide, 33 percent of workers said they are likely to start looking for a new job when the economy picks up. 

(Could you imagine losing an entire third of your employee base? That would be like, say your staff was the Jonas Brothers, okay? Continue reading >>

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As Temperature Rises, So Does Competition for Jobs, Survey Shows

Despite a recovering job market, there appears to be no year-over-year increase in employers’ summer hiring plans this year, according to CareerBuilder’s Annual Summer Hiring Forecast, released today.

According to the survey of more than 2,700 employers nationwide, 22 percent of employers plan to hire seasonal workers this summer, in line with estimates from 2009. Fifteen percent of employers say they are planning to hire the same amount of summer workers as last year, while 5 percent plan to add fewer. Continue reading >>

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April’s Job Growth Surpasses Economists’ Predictions

In case you missed the BLS’ employment report released Friday, check out a quick recap in the First Business video below, where Brent Rasmussen, President of North America at CareerBuilder, talks about the highlights of the report and what it means for the current and future state of the job market:

Continue reading >>

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Mary Delaney, President of Personified

A Working Mother at CareerBuilder Offers Six Tips to Better Balance Work and Family

Mary Delaney, President of PersonifiedYou may have a dozen reasons to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, but here's one you may not have thought of -- a tough economy. A recent CareerBuilder survey of 604 women, employed full-time with children 18 and under living in the household, shows that working moms may be feeling more stressed -- and less appreciated -- in our current economic climate. Working moms, many of them recently tasked with the responsibility of keeping their families afloat due to unemployed spouses or other financial issues, have had to become more resourceful than ever. According to survey results:
  • Twelve percent of working moms said their spouse or significant other has become unemployed in the last 12 months, with two-thirds (67 percent) indicating that it is causing stress at home.
  • Thirty-six percent of working moms said they are the sole provider for their household.
  • Nearly one-in-ten (9 percent) have taken on a second job in the last 12 months to provide for their family.
Work/life balance -- what's that again? As a result, achieving a work/life balance can be a lot of work in itself, as moms are working more hours -- which often translates to less time at home with the family:
  • Forty-three percent of working moms work more than 40 hours per week.
  • More than one-third (34 percent) who take work home reported they typically bring work home three days a week or more.
  • Twenty-three percent bring work home on the weekends.
  • Nearly one-in-five (18 percent) of working moms said they spend two hours or less with their children each work day.
  • Nearly three-in-ten (29 percent) reported they missed two or more significant events in their child’s life due to work in the last year.
So what can working moms do to achieve more balance? CareerBuilder's Mary Delaney, a working mother herself, offers other working moms her thoughts and tips:

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