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We Asked, You Answered: What Do You Want Candidates to Know, and What are You Willing to Teach?

Due to factors like a struggling economy and advancing technology, more and more workers have been going back to school to advance or brush up on their skills and make themselves more marketable. With this in mind, we were curious as to what skills employers expect candidates to have in this economic climate, and what they’re willing to teach on the job. Continue reading >>

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Socially Regarded: How Real Companies Get Social Media Recruiting Right

If reading Amy Chulik’s recent post about how one third of employers use social media to promote their organizations – and one quarter use it to recruit and research potential employees – has you thinking that you should be doing the same, you might want to check out the recent interview between CareerBuilder’s Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Jason Ferrara, and Melissa Murray and Christina Bottis of  Personified. Continue reading >>

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Nice Guys Finish Last in the Office Popularity Contest…And More News From This Week

While you were remembering to pack your stuffed tiger for that upcoming trip (we’re looking at you, mister),  throwing in a live tiger while you were at it, or breaking your nine-month silence on someone named Tiger, here’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

Most American workers are satisfied with their pay Continue reading >>, a suspicious-sounding survey shows.

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Woman selecting a candidate in her social network

How 35 Percent of Companies are Using Social Media, and What Turns Workers On — and Off — to Companies

Woman selecting a candidate in her social networkWhat have companies been doing in response to tough economic times? Eating their feelings with lots of ice cream. Well, believe it or not, many companies have been busy digging into social media — and some are finding hidden treasure. According to a new CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,500 employers and 4,400 workers, 35 percent of companies have been using social media to promote their company in some way. Let’s take a look!

Of this 35 percent of companies:

  • One-quarter (25 percent) of these employers said that they are using social media to connect with clients and find new business.
  • 21 percent are using it to recruit and research potential employees.
  • 13 percent are using social media to strengthen their employment brand.

And it’s not just those Fortune 500 companies getting into social media, either. Businesses of all sizes and industries report using social media to promote their companies:

  • 29 percent of organizations with 500 or fewer employees
  • 38 percent of companies with 501 to 1,000 employees
  • 44 percent of companies with more than 1,000 workers
  • The leisure and hospitality industry topped those surveyed, with 57 percent in that industry saying they use social media to promote their business. Leisure and hospitality was followed by 48 percent in the IT industry, 43 percent in the retail industry, and 41 percent in the sales industry saying the same.

Managing your company’s social media strategy

So, a lot of businesses — of all sizes — are trying their hand at social media. The bigger question (and the one some of you may be asking yourselves) is, how are businesses managing all of this? We know involvement in social media doesn’t happen magically; it takes people and time and dedication. And, judging by survey results, there’s no one way of doing it:

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Women Don’t Get Promoted As Much As Men Do…And Other Shockers From This Week’s News

While you were busy taking your bank-robbing business elsewhere, thankyouverymuch, doing your part to help more Americans develop heart disease, or taking some of the heat off of Dr. Laura, here’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

Is news that women aren’t moving up in the workforce like men really news?
This might be the cuuuuutest workplace story Continue reading >> EVAH!

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Man doing work e-mail at dinner

Working on Mobile Devices During Non-Work Hours: The New “Overtime”?

A recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times about Chicago Police Sgt. Jeffrey Allen’s lawsuit against the city of Chicago piqued my interest — not because he was suing the city of Chicago, but because he was suing due to the fact that he hadn’t gotten compensated for the off-duty time he spent working on his Blackberry.

As we’ve mentioned before on The Hiring Site, access to mobile devices are changing the way people work — employees are working from their smart phones while driving, on the train, or in the grocery line — and even if they don’t want to be working during all hours and from all places, bosses often expect them to. Some workers, particularly of the younger Millenials generation, are even sleeping next to their smartphones for fear of missing out on a single minute of Internet action.

And now, with this lawsuit, a new question comes to the forefront; a question that we’ve been building up to as the use of smart phones in workers’ every day lives has rapidly increased: Should workers be compensated for the work they do on company-owned mobile devices during non-work hours?

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5 Infamous Employee Snafus, 5 Lessons in Employer Branding

The recent media overkill coverage of Steven Slater – the Jetblue employee and future reality TV star who became mad as hell on the job last week and wasn’t going to take it anymore - is just the latest in several high-profile incidents of employees behaving badly. We took some time to reflect on this and four other recent stories of employees whose antics caused some very public embarrassment for their (now former) employers – and how those employers were able to maintain their employment brand image in the aftermath. Continue reading >>

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Top 10 Reasons to Build a Robust Employee Referral Program

With multiple reports lately discussing how employers are having difficulty filling open positions – despite the high unemployment rate – now is the perfect time to invest in an employee referral program (ERP) – whether that entails creating one from scratch or enhancing your current one.

Referrals make up 26.7 percent of all external hires, making referrals the number one resource for them, according to the 2010 CareerXRoads Sources of Hire study. Continue reading >>

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Thinking Outside the Box Has Lost All Meaning…And More News From This Week

While you were busy losing ground in your bid for “employee of the month”, providing too-good-to-be-true water cooler gossip, or hoping the other two stories would detract from your little workplace mishap, here’s what else was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

I think the answer to this question is “only if they buy you a lobster dinner first.”
It’s funny because it’s true: Workplace jargon edition Continue reading >>
Sick of the bad economy?

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College Kids – And Their Grandparents – Want To Be Your Interns

That internship application from the guy with 15 years of management experience? Don’t send it to the shredder just yet – it might not be a fluke. It may simply just be part of a growing workforce trend in which older workers are competing with their college-aged counterparts for open positions.

According to a new survey released today by CareerBuilder, 23 percent of employers are seeing experienced workers (those with more than 10 years of professional experience) and mature workers (workers aged 50 or older) apply for internship positions at their organizations. Continue reading >>

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