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Are Your Employees Drinking Coffee to Brew Productivity?

Cup of coffee from Dunkin' DonutsWhat’s special about today? Well, sure, it’s Wednesday, which means we’re halfway through the work week. And, yes, the first U.S. Congress adjourned on this date back in 1789. And it’s also true that writer Henry Robinson opened his Office of Addresses and Encounters – the first historically documented dating service — on this day in 1650. But no, I’m talking about something a little more… delicious.

It’s NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! Judging by my caps, I may or may not have enjoyed some already this morning. (I did.) To celebrate National Coffee Day in all its glory, I suggest you:
1) Consume some of the tasty brewed beverage if you are so inclined (many coffee shops are offering free or discounted coffee),
2) Grab a cup of java for your employees if you are not,
3) Discuss your love of all that comes from the coffee bean on Twitter via #nationalcoffeeday or on Facebook,
4) Read on for a dose of the latest coffee consumption trends brewing in the workplace, courtesy of a new joint survey by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder among 3,661 full-time U.S. workers.

According to survey results, a cup of coffee a day helps keep us U.S. workers productive and energetic! But just how productive and energetic — and are your workers benefiting the most? Let’s take a look:

  • Too many TPS reports: Nearly a third (32 percent) of workers said they (yawn) need coffee to get through the workday.
  • Ridin’ the coffee wave: Forty-three percent of coffee drinkers reported they are less productive if they don’t drink coffee while on the job.
  • Younger workers need their fix: Forty percent of American workers aged 18 to 24 admitted they can’t concentrate as well without coffee.
  • Time to brew a new pot: Thirty-seven percent of American workers drink two or more cups of coffee during their workday.
  • Delivery service might be in order: Seventy-five percent of American workers who buy coffee during the workday only travel a quarter mile or less for their daily brew.
  • “I deserve it!”: Twenty-four percent of American workers aged 18 to 34 buy coffee as a way to treat themselves for a job well done.

Certain professions seem to drink coffee to keep them productive throughout the day more than others. Those who said they need coffee the most?

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Hotel workers
  • Designers/Architects
  • Financial/Insurance sales representatives
  • Food preparers
  • Engineers
  • Teachers
  • Marketing/Public Relations professionals
  • Scientists
  • Machine operators
  • Government workers

Why do so many workers perk up when it comes to coffee?

As John Costello, Chief Global Customer and Marketing Officer at Dunkin’ Brands, says, “A large percentage of people start their day with a cup of coffee, and more than any other product, coffee has a unique place among hard-working people looking to make it through their increasingly busy and hectic workday.”

It’s true — we’re all busier than ever, and coffee’s one way many workers are either coping with their jam-packed days, winding down after work,  or catching up with co-workers and friends. In addition, coffee can be a great morale booster. What employee wouldn’t love a fresh pot of coffee first thing in the morning after a long commute? On The Hiring Site, we offered a three-month Dunkin’ Donuts coffee subscription as one of our monthly contest prizes, and our winner, Donna, said it best: “My team will love it.”

Do you provide free coffee for your employees at work? Do you work in a coffee-adoring workplace?

Amy K. McDonnell

About Amy K. McDonnell

Originally hailing from Ohio, Amy is the editorial manager on the content services team and has been with both CareerBuilder and the city of Chicago for nearly a decade. She writes on a range of recruitment topics on The Hiring Site, striving to bring a dose of clarity and humor to sometimes complicated issues around employee attraction, engagement and retention. When she's not working, Amy spends as much time as possible reading, pretending to be a chef, writing short stories, eating Nutella out of the jar, waiting for CTA buses and trains, going to see her favorite bands live, and spending time with people who inspire and challenge her.
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