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Steven Slater Tells Fed Up Employees Not To Try This At Home…And More News From This Week

While you were busy winning America’s hearts, if not Project Runway, feeling relieved to know it’s not just you, taking all of the fun out of Halloween, here’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

Sure, they can run entire companies, but most CEOs still can’t tell their Farmvilles from their Mafia Wars
Speaking of…employees in Germany are unfairly being forced to play Farmville on their own time Continue reading >>.

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Curious cow

“A Cow Just Broke Into My House!” 2010′s Most Unusual Excuses for Missing Work

Feel like something’s been, well, different at the office lately? That things seem a bit emptier at the workplace? A bit quieter? Well, you’re not crazy — you’re just observant. Turns out many employees are calling off of work to crawl back under the covers and hide from the recession, build a delicious burger cake, or explain a cow break-in to the cops. Continue reading >>

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dont do it!

How NOT to Motivate Employees: 10 Management Habits to Break Now

Feeling unmotivated? Uninspired? Disengaged? You’re not alone. “There’s a lot of valid reason we’re feeling burned out,” says Holly Green, workplace management expert and best-selling author of the book More Than a Minute: How to Be an Effective Leader and Manager in Today’s Changing World.

“It’s because we are,” she says.

I recently spoke with Green about the amount of stress managers are under today to re-engage their employees in an increasingly stressful work environment. Continue reading >>

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Holiday perks

What’s on Your Seasonal Hiring Wish List?

What specific traits do you look for in seasonal workers?

For 31 percent of employers who are hiring seasonal workers this year, great customer service skills top the list of most wanted skills in a seasonal worker they’d be interested in hiring full-time.

For its most recent survey, CareerBuilder asked more than 2,400 hiring managers about their seasonal hiring plans this year. Continue reading >>

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Social Media elements

Smart Talk on Social Media Trends in the Workplace: Videos from Staffing World 2010

Today’s the last day of the American Staffing Association’s Staffing World 2010 conference in Las Vegas, and although what happens in Vegas normally does stay in Vegas, we’ve managed to snag some PG-style videos and commentary about recruiting and staffing firm leaders’ views on social media trends.

1) Hear how some staffing firms are using social media right now, even during the conference, to promote their firms and engage with candidates:

2) Here are panelists from yesterday’s social media panel at Staffing World, talking about adopting and managing social media, and addressing the question so many are asking: Where’s the return on investment in social media?

3) Lastly, here’s Richard Wahlquist, President and the CEO of ASA, discussing the state of the staffing and recruiting industry today, which issues are top of mind right now for firms, and where the industry is headed as we work toward economic recovery:

Remember, you can check out all of CareerBuilder’s videos from Staffing World here, or follow along with the tweets.

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Oprah is the Ideal Boss…And More Humdingers From This Week’s News

While you were busy barely even trying to hold it in, wasting absolutely no time at all, or thinking to yourself, “If we can get 33 trapped miners out of a cave, surely we can find a way to distribute movie popcorn butter more efficiently!”…here’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

Oprah tops the list of most wanted celebrity bosses Continue reading >>.

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CareerBuilder Staffing & Recruiting

Bruce Tulgan Talks Talent in the New Economy and More at Staffing World 2010

CareerBuilder Staffing & RecruitingThe American Staffing Association’s Staffing World 2010 conference, taking place at the Venetian Casino Hotel Resort in Las Vegas, NV, is well underway. Throngs of recruiting and staffing professionals have been mingling and networking, attending professional development sessions like keynotes and workshops, browsing exhibitor booths (like CareerBuilder’s — yes, that’s a shameless plug), and generally having a great time while learning more about how to not only adapt but thrive in our rapidly changing workplace. And we want to share some of those learnings with all of you.

New Economy, New Attitudes

We all know businesses are rethinking their strategies, doing more with less, and thinking creatively to get ahead in today’s economy. What’s worked in the past won’t necessarily work now, and everything from the role of contingent workers to the attitudes of Gen Y in the workplace are shifting. As ASA says on their site, “The “Great Recession’ reset the global economy to a ‘new normal.’” We’re all figuring out how to adjust as the dust settles, and conferences like this are an opportunity to share ideas and push the conversation forward.

Although I’m going to post more videos in a subsequent post, you can find all of CareerBuilder’s videos from Staffing World here and peruse them at your leisure — and be sure to follow along with the conference tweets with hashtag #sw10.

Here’s the first video I wanted to share — it features Bruce Tulgan, keynote speaker at Staffing World 2010 and founder of Rainmaker Thinking Inc. In the video, he talks to CareerBuilder about what we’re dealing with right now: a highly uncertain business environment, a high-pressure workplace and a high maintenance work force. Although he focuses on what this combination means for staffing firms and talent, much of his advice can really be applied to any business:

What’s your take on what Bruce has to say?

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worker wishes he had chosen a different college major

Over a Third of Workers Wish They Had Majored in Something Different in College

Does that headline sound like it was ripped straight from The Onion to anyone else?

Sadly (or perhaps somewhat comforting to know, if you’re among this group), it’s no joke: Findings from CareerBuilder’s most recent survey suggest that 36 percent of workers with college degrees said they wish they had chosen a different major in college.

The survey of over 2,000 workers with college degrees nationwide also found that: Continue reading >>

26 percent of workers said the market for jobs in their chosen field worsened from the time they entered college to when they graduated.

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You May Want to Cancel Those Dinner Reservations…And More News from This Week

While you were busy getting the makeover no one really thought you needed in the first place, forgetting to press “end call,” or downloading CareerBuilder’s latest hiring forecast (what’s that? It’s free? Okay!)…here’s what was happening in the world of workforce management this week…

Johnny Depp did not write history’s greatest cover Continue reading >>. He just played the guy who did on film.

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No News is Good News? The Latest (Ho-Hum) Employment Situation Report

Get your favorite seasonally appropriate pumpkin-flavored coffee beverage in hand: The latest Unemployment Situation Report is here. Just make sure that drink is caffeinated, because today’s BLS report is pretty – as Credit Suisse economists called it – “blasé.”

For the most part, figures were relatively unchanged from August to September, which certainly bodes well in the “no news is good news” sense that we’re still on the road to recovery…at the same time, however, we’re still on the road to recovery. Continue reading >>

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