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Surprising Reason for Candidate Drop Off

The Surprising Reason You’re Not Getting the Candidates You Need

You don’t get it. You’re doing everything right: You’re offering a great job with a great company, you’ve ensured your job advertising placement is targeting the right group of candidates, and you’re positive you’re offering the most competitive salary. Even your job posting is flawless.

And yet, the job applications just aren’t flowing in the way they should. So what gives? Continue reading >>

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choosing the best job candidate

Pay Scales and Job Descriptions: Two Ways to Break the Bad Hire Blues

 It’s true that your company, no matter what other aspects you may excel and grow in, is only as good as its people. Yet, your people are only as good as your process of selecting them. As a company currently growing or preparing for future growth, how can slow down enough to reverse the cycle and improve your selection process to bring in better people–and see better business results? Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder Chimp Business Trip

What CareerBuilder’s Big Game Investment Means for Employers

It’s coming: The onslaught of buffalo chicken dips, foam fingers bigger than most people’s heads, shushing of those talking during the game, shushing of those talking during the commercials, vintage jersey envy, and a whole lot of whooping, shouting, and possibly even “pulling a Tebow” (hey, things can get emotional–I’m not judging).

Of course, I’m talking about this year’s Big Game, happening on February 5. Continue reading >>

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F500 Social Recruiting

How Do Fortune 500 Companies Use Twitter to Recruit? See for Yourself!

Facebook is always in the news, boasting over 800 million active users, but Twitter cannot be ignored. Not only is it a great complement to other social platforms, it’s perfect for injecting quick bursts of relevant info, career opportunities and job seeker advice  to a large following. The platform also lends itself to one-on-one interaction and a variety of ways to share and cross-promote other accounts, making it a viable option for recruitment and employment brand building. Continue reading >>

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Reskill workers

What Skills Gap? 5 Ways to Get the Qualified Workers You Need

Finding workers with the right skills can be a skill in itself.

If you find yourself complaining that you can’t find the qualified candidates you need for certain positions at your organization, the good news is you’re not alone – by a long shot.

According to a recent Manpower survey, 52 percent of U.S. employers can’t find the skilled workers they need to fill open positions. Continue reading >>

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Word of Mouth Marketing for Recruiters

Forget Social Media | Recruit Employees With Word-of-Mouth Marketing

They may love their Facebooks, their Twitters and their YouTubes, but the members of Gen Y may not be nearly as swayed by social media as you might think. New research around social media’s influence on consumer behavior  indicates that, while millennials might be “digital natives”, they are actually more influenced by word-of-mouth marketing than social media when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Continue reading >>

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Worker packing for relocation

Relocation Nation 2012: How Workers and Employers Are Making a Move

We’ve talked recently about how voluntary turnover is on the rise this year. As it turns out, many of those workers may not be remaining anywhere near their own backyard when they leave their current job.

A whopping 44 percent of workers say they’ll relocate this year for the right job, according to a new CareerBuilder survey conducted by Harris Interactive© among more than 3,000 hiring managers and HR professionals and nearly 8,000 U.S. Continue reading >>

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Budding growth

Is Your Company Prepared for a Growth Spurt? Start by Getting the Right Policies in Place

Growth can obviously be a huge boon to your company, but it can also lead to some stumbling blocks you weren’t exactly prepared to encounter. Well, detach the nails that you’ve just dug into your office chair in panic: CareerBuilder and Inc. have just released a new report, “Geared to Growth: Building an Infrastructure for the Long Haul,” with the sole purpose of helping you prepare for any changes and challenges that come along with your company’s growth, whether that growth happens tomorrow or 10 years from now. Continue reading >>

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Turn Job Candidates Into Fans

Turn Potential Candidates Into Your Number One Fans

Turn Job Candidates Into FansIf you’ve ever known the pain of waiting for a certain phone call, email, text message or Tweet that just…never…comes (sad face emoticon), then you know the pain job candidates go through every time you go M.I.A. after the initial contact or interview.

Maybe you’re simply trying to avoid an awkward conversation, or perhaps you just haven’t made a decision yet – however innocent the reason, leaving job candidates hanging is wrong. And it isn’t just bad manners; it’s bad business. As evidenced by the bitter comments from a previous post asking why recruiters so frequently neglect to call candidates back, this behavior can not only damage your personal brand, but it puts you at risk of losing potentially great candidates down the line.

Even if a candidate you like isn’t the best fit for the position for which you’re hiring now, that doesn’t mean he or she won’t make an excellent hire for a future open position. Or what happens if the original person you hired doesn’t work out? Should either of those things occur, think of the time and money you’ll save recruiting if you already have a pool of engaged, qualified and interested candidates on reserve.

So how do you keep candidates engaged and interested (without feeling like you’re stringing them along)? Here are a few suggestions…

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On a personal call with the state governor

“I Had a Personal Call from the Governor”: Employees’ Strangest Late-to-Work Excuses

Just when we thought we’d heard it all — employees getting locked in the car trunk, dogs swallowing cell phones, and Botox appointments taking longer than expected — the results of this year’s CareerBuilder survey on employees’ unusual excuses for arriving late to work arrived — and we saw that this year, even a state governor was involved in an employee’s excuse for being late (more details about that one below). Continue reading >>

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