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“Reach, Recruit and Retain IT Talent”: A Recap

“I know I’m a big fan of free food and flip flops, as well as hanging out with smart people.” That was how Eric Presley, CareerBuilder CTO, began a discussion about what IT employees want most in an employer. If you missed that — and so much more — on this past week’s Reach, Recruit and Retain IT Talent webinar with Eric and CareerBuilder CDO Hope Gurion, don’t worry: We’ve got you covered. Continue reading >>

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20 Percent of Employees Don’t Know What Their CEO Looks Like

A new CareerBuilder survey indicates that some American workers have about as much chance of properly identifying their CEO in a lineup as they do of winning the Hunger Games…but does it matter?

CareerBuilder recently surveyed more than 7,000 full-time workers to find out how well American workers know senior leadership at their organizations. Results indicate that while most workers have met their CEO, many don’t even know what he or she looks like. Continue reading >>

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Job Postings

It’s official: job boards are still among the top resources for job seekers. According to the companies surveyed in the latest Career Xroads study, 20.1 percent of their external new hires credited the job boards with their finding the job posting.

While that’s good news for recruiters and hiring managers who are posting jobs on the more popular job boards, this isn’t necessarily an ‘if you build it, they will come’ situation. Continue reading >>

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Preventing the Dreaded Counteroffer

You just landed the recruit your company has been coveting. The offer letter is signed. The start date has been set. All you have to do now is lean back and bathe in the praises of management for a job well done. But wait, there’s still a chance your cream-of-the-crop hire may not exactly be signed, sealed, and delivered just yet. Continue reading >>

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Cross Training

Help Employees Reach Peak Performance with Cross-Training

In the world of professional sports, cross-training is an essential practice in order for athletes to maintain high levels of performance, avoid injuries associated with overuse and prepare their bodies for the challenges ahead.

In the world of workforce management, the same rules apply. Cross-training employees means teaching them the skills required to perform job functions outside of their main roles and responsibilities. Continue reading >>

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New Study Highlights the Importance of Knowing Your Audience When It Comes to Recruiting

A new research study from CareerBuilder finds that money rules when it comes to appealing to the average job seeker.  Overall, compensation topped the list of things that matter to employees the most, followed by benefits, advancement opportunities, work/life balance and appreciation from management.

Yet, when broken down by various elements, the results show that there’s hardly such a thing as the ‘average’ when it comes to what job seekers want. Continue reading >>

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Are You Overlooking Your Most Engaged Candidates?

When it comes to filling open positions, recruiting from within your own employee base might just be your best bet.

Remember how, in Some Kind of Wonderful, Eric Stoltz’s Keith relentlessly pursues the attractive, but ever elusive Amanda, played by Lea Thompson, only to discover that (spoiler alert!) his true love was actually Mary Stewart Masterson’s Watts, who’d been by his side all along? Continue reading >>

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Build Your Pool of Candidates

If You Wait Until You Need to Hire, It’s Already Too Late: Q&A with Small Business Recruiting Experts

Ahead of their upcoming webinar, The 5 Step Approach to Identifying and Attracting the Right Employees, CareerBuilder’s Senior Director of Talent Intelligence, Sanja Licina, and Director of Employment Branding, Keith Hadley, recently sat down for a Q&A to discuss some of the content of the webinar, as well as offer hiring advice small business owners and hiring managers can apply today. Continue reading >>

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The Short Sell: Communicating the Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

Much like online dating sites, temporary workers can’t seem to shake being the target of unflattering stereotypes. But if you know anyone who’s ever found their true heart’s desire through (or at least gotten a few decent dinners out of) online dating, you know better than to let negative stereotypes get in the way of what for many is a great experience. Continue reading >>

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March Madness at the workplace

March Madness Is Here: Will Worker Productivity Disappear?

Is your water cooler talk aching for fewer rose ceremonies a la “The Bachelor” — and more Derrick Rose? Not to worry, March Madness, the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship, is upon us, and with a vengeance. But what does it mean for workplace productivity?

Talk of brackets, predictions, and major upsets will soon have offices around the country buzzing (including, most likely, yours): 20 percent of workers say they’ve taken part in March Madness pools at work, and nearly one in ten watch March Madness games at the office. Continue reading >>

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