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How to Craft a Candidate Rejection Letter or E-Mail (Yes, You Have Time To Do It!)

None of us likes getting rejected. In the past, many of you have cited “not enough time” as a reason you don’t send job rejection letters or e-mails. The reality is, we’re all under various types of constraints in our jobs, and while some things are prioritized, others fall by the wayside. Communicating with candidates, however, is a vital step in the recruitment process — and one that you should not be dismissing. Continue reading >>

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Survey: More than Half of Employers Plan to Hire Recent College Graduates in 2012

Planning to hire new college graduates this year? You’re not alone. See where you fall among your competitors – and get tips for hiring college graduates.

College grads have it sooo easy these days. Or at least, they have it easier than alumni of the previous three years, according to a new joint survey from CareerBuilder and CareerRookie.

Among the more than 2,000 hiring managers who participated in the national survey, more than half (54 percent) plan to hire recent college graduates this year, an increase from 46 percent last year, 44 percent in 2010 and 43 percent in 2009. Continue reading >>

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Employee getting poor feedback.

Say This, Not That: 5 Ways to Give Feedback That Gets Results

Ah, the awkward conversation. Much like death and taxes, the awkward conversation is something people will do anything to avoid.

…which is perhaps why so many managers are so poor at giving feedback: rather than have a potentially uncomfortable conversation about what their employee needs to improve upon, they avoid it completely. But giving feedback is a crucial skill that every manager needs to practice (in order to get better at giving it).  Continue reading >>

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Ryan Canada

Want to Lower Turnover? Count Results, Not Hours, Says Firm

“Flexibility doesn’t mean, ‘My personal life takes precedence over my work.’  It means, ‘I have the ability to make both work, but I’m going to make sacrifices in both arenas at times,’” says Delta Emerson, executive  vice president and chief of staff at Ryan, LLC.

If anyone can speak to the true meaning of workforce flexibility, it’s Emerson. At Ryan, a Dallas-based tax services firm with 900 employees worldwide, workforce flexibility is engrained in the culture, something she couldn’t say about the firm four years ago. Continue reading >>

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Employers investigating candidates on social media

What Are Employers Discovering About Candidates Through Social Media?

Recruiter 1: “So, how’s your Facebook investigation going?”
Recruiter 2: “Oh, you know — finding the usual: Some inappropriate photos, tons of really poor communication skills, misspellings across the board.
Recruiter 3: “Really? I’ve been all over Twitter, and I’m finding that most candidates are showing a ton of creativity in their tweets and have a have really wide range of interests that would fit in great with our company culture.”

No, I didn’t overhear this conversation at my local watering hole last night (I know, shocker!). Continue reading >>

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Working at MAXIMUS

How MAXIMUS Empowers Employment to Build a Stronger Economy

CareerBuilder is proud to be working with MAXIMUS, where finding qualified jobs for qualified candidates is the ultimate goal. We help MAXIMUS find the talent they need to position both clients and candidates for success in today’s workforce. CareerBuilder believes in doing our part to contribute to a stronger economy, and we believe helping companies like Maximus empower employment is the way to get there. Continue reading >>

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Military Vet

Hiring Military Veterans is a Win-Win for Companies and Workers

In an exclusive Q&A, the co-founders of the American Freedom Foundation discuss the mutual benefits of veteran hiring initiatives.

If Robin himself – Chris O’Donnell – can’t convince you of the benefits of hiring military veterans, take it from those who’ve experienced it firsthand: CareerBuilder’s Director of Federal Civilian Solutions, Jen Fritz, recently sat down with SMA Jack Tilly (far right in the above photo from the 2011 American Freedom Festival) and Ted Hacker, co-founders of the American Freedom Foundation, to discuss everything from the unique value in hiring veterans to helping veterans make an easier transition to the civilian workforce. Continue reading >>

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The Five Things Job Seekers Want Most: Are You Offering It?

Last month, I discussed a recent CareerBuilder survey of workers nationwide, which asked them which factors they consider most important when evaluating employers. Below are their answers, in order of importance, and what employers can take away from these findings.

Compensation: It should come as no surprise that workers prioritize compensation when considering new opportunities and potential employers. This finding underscores the fact that employers need to create a compensation strategy in order to ensure you’re doing right by both your company and your employees when it comes to fair – and competitive – pay. Continue reading >>

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Best of Staffing Award Presented by CareerBuilder

Remarkable Reviews: Best of Staffing Award Highlights

Inavero’s Best of Staffing™ Award, presented by CareerBuilder, is the nation’s only award program that recognizes firms that receive remarkable reviews from their clients and talent. The staffing firms who truly provide a remarkable experience are honored on the final 2012 Best of Staffing lists (presented at the end of this post).

Inavero surveyed participating staffing firms to obtain an understanding of unique service behaviors. Continue reading >>

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Opportunities in Staffing -- IT, Tech and Scientific Sector

What Do Job Seekers and Employees Really Think of Your IT Staffing Firm?

If you were on CareerBuilder’s recent webinar (you can still listen here) about 2011′s Opportunities in Staffing report findings, you’re already privy to many interesting details about the state of the staffing industry today; what your candidates, employees and clients think of your firm; and how you can make a bigger impact in your recruitment efforts.


If you’re in a staffing firm placing candidates in the IT, tech and scientific sector, however, you have unique challenges that may not have been specifically addressed in the main report — and also significant opportunities to grow and improve this near year — which is why we’ve broken down the key findings from this particular sector for you below. Continue reading >>

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