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How Prepared is Your Workplace for a Potential Disaster?

Employees in disaster situationIncidents: Spilling ice cream on the keyboard (done it). Tripping and falling on the stairs in front of hordes of people (witnessed it). Forgetting to dress for work and not realizing it until you get there (had nightmares about it). When things like this happen, we use our wits and our quick thinking to get ourselves out of the messes we’ve gotten ourselves (or fallen, as the case may be) into. Disasters, however, are in another league altogether. Whether they’re of the natural (think tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes or fires) or human-made (think PR crises, cyber attacks with no data backup, or office robbery) variety, they often force us to rely on each other to ensure the safest outcome and the best solution, particularly in a workplace situation.


You can’t always control when disasters will strike, but as employers, by being informed, prepared and communicative — and helping your employees do the same — you can work to make the best of a worst-case scenario. Unfortunately, the track record of many workplaces when it comes to disaster preparedness is abysmal: nearly one-third (28 percent) of employers don’t even currently have a disaster recovery plan in place.

How well are employers doing in other aspects of disaster preparedness? Let’s take a look: 

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