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Thirty-Two Percent of Candidates Less Likely to Purchase From Companies Who Do Not Respond to Them

Results from CareerBuilder’s new Applicant Experience study show how employers may be losing out on talent – and business – if someone has a bad experience applying for a job with their company. According to the survey of more than 800,000 workers nationwide, 44 percent of workers who didn’t hear back from an employer when they applied for a job said they have a worse opinion of that employer.  Continue reading >>

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American worker dreaming of summer vacation

Summer Vacation Outlook 2012: All Work and No Playa del Carmen?

For many American workers, the recession has turned dreams of barbeques on faraway beaches, swims with faraway dolphins, and vacations with faraway children to… more work at the office?

It’s true — many workers are reluctantly saying “no” to their annual vacation, according to CareerBuilder’s annual summer vacation survey among more than 5,000 full-time workers and more than 2,000 managers, and instead choosing (or being forced to settle for) bright office lighting over natural sunlight. Continue reading >>

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Write a Job Posting Candidates Can’t Resist: Register Today for a Complimentary Webinar

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the one thing holding you back from great candidates was the one thing you’re using to attract them?

We’ve discussed before how little changes to a job posting can change a lot in terms of both the quality and quantity of applicants you receive.  Now, we’re taking it a step further and actually showing you how to enhance your job postings for improved search engine ranking, application rates and candidate quality. Continue reading >>

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Applicant Experience

Survey: Treat Candidates Well. (Your Business Depends On It.)

According to a new CareerBuilder study, when candidates have a bad job search experience with your company, it can adversely affect your company’s bottom line.

Not to be all “I told you so,” but you know how we’ve told you before that ignoring candidates is bad for your company’s brand image and its bottom line? Well…now there’s even more research to back it up. Continue reading >>

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Working dad walking with his son

How Can Overworked Dads Find More Time for Family?

Is work keeping dads from their other very important job: Being a parent? 

Dads everywhere (Woody Allen aside) got the opportunity to spend quality time with their kids this past Father’s Day, though it appears this kind of “family time” may becoming more the exception than the rule. As it turns out, two in five working dads (43 percent) who have had a child in the last three years reported they didn’t take any paternity leave, according to CareerBuilder’s annual Father’s Day survey, conducted among 729 full-time working fathers with children 18 and under. Continue reading >>

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Be Adaptable and Courageous: How Learning@Cisco Empowers Employment

“Your talent is your greatest asset, and developing it is a core skill for leaders,” says Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, Vice President and General Manager for Learning@Cisco, an education services business focused on educating customers and partners as well as providing education solutions. Beliveau-Dunn is responsible for the P&L, product and service development and delivery, operations, marketing, the technical community, and support. Continue reading >>

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Rebuilding America

Turning Tides: Company Brings Hope to ‘Depressing’ City

Some companies might consider being headquartered in one of the five most depressing cities in America a setback for employee recruitment and retention, but Turning Technologies isn’t one of them.

Thanks to its “unique work atmosphere and innovative approach to technology and business,” the Youngstown, Ohio-based company continues to attract and retain top talent, empower employment in the city and contribute to the area’s overall economic growth. Continue reading >>

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recruitment statistics

Twenty-One Percent of Health Care Candidates Rank Work-Life Balance as a Top Reason for Applying to a Job

It probably comes as no surprise that job candidates from a variety of industries rank top reasons for applying to jobs in different levels of importance. While location and desirable industry remain important for all, taking a closer look at recent CareerBuilder Applicant Experience survey data*, several reasons for applying to a jobs stand out as unique for each industry. Continue reading >>

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Salary Level Equals Success

Does Salary Equal Success Level? New CareerBuilder Survey

New survey reveals how salary level relates to workers’ perceived success.

Money may not be able to buy you class, but apparently it can buy you success. A new study from CareerBuilder looked at just how much money American workers feel they need to make in order to consider themselves successful – and the results might come as a surprise to some. Continue reading >>

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New Changes to the CareerBuilder Resume Database

CareerBuilder’s Resume Database: What’s New for June?

Accepting change can be tough: Justin Bieber’s newest hairstyle whim, Peggy of Mad Men’s latest career decision, and the arrival of Twitter’s new little blue bird all come to mind. Thankfully, some changes are not only easy to swallow, but are also refreshing — like changes to CareerBuilder’s Resume Database. The CareerBuilder team has worked to make the Resume Database faster and smarter so you can find the candidates you’re looking for 1) more easily, and 2) in less time. Continue reading >>

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