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Do You Need to Define Your Employment Brand? Five Tests

Pop quiz: Does your organization have an employment brand? No? Wrong answer. Every organization has an employment brand. Whether it’s defined or not: That is the question – the answer to which could either put you way ahead of the competition when it comes to recruitment… or leave you way behind.

If clearly defined (and clearly communicated), your employment brand can be one of your biggest recruiting assets. Continue reading >>

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Discover a New Recruitment Fact Every Monday With Talent Factor, Powered by CareerBuilder

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Athletes in the workplace

Why Hiring an Athlete Can Be a Victory for Your Team

Today’s modern-day workforce is extremely competitive. The 12 million people unemployed and eight percent national unemployment rate affirms this. On top of the volatile economy, employees are becoming better educated, more agile, highly tech-savvy and adaptable within their work environments.

Certainly there are those with desireable traits who can deter a questionably combative workforce. Did Charles Darwin’s prediction of “survival of the fittest” come 200 years early? Continue reading >>

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Road rage on the way to work

Is Road Rage Affecting Your Employees’ Work Performance?

 As if those emails piling into your inbox on an hourly basis isn’t enough, there’s construction on your route to work, that guy who was texting while driving just cut you off, the person in the left lane in front of you is going so slooooooowwww, oh wow — you just got cut off again. You can feel your blood pressure boiling… and you’re not even at the office yet. Continue reading >>

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Big Data: An ‘Easy Button’ for Recruiting? Why It’s Not as Crazy as It Sounds

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ‘easy button’ when it came to recruiting? A way to pinpoint exactly where the candidates you need are hiding? A litmus test to predict which candidates will be successful in your organization? A navigation device to show you where you need to focus your recruiting efforts and what message you need to send to bring in a better quantity and quality of applicants? Continue reading >>

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Survey: WTF is Up with Swearing at Work?

Does swearing at work curse you professionally? A new CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and 3,800 workers nationwide sheds light on how employers and employees view cursing in the workplace.

Who’s Got the Biggest Potty Mouth?

Over half of workers (51 percent) admitted to swearing in the office. Of that group, 95 percent said they do so in front of their co-workers, while 51 percent cuss in front of the boss. Continue reading >>

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better job postings

“Creating Effective Job Postings that Attract the Best Talent”: A Recap

Last week, many of us listened, asked questions, and tweeted with the #betterjobs hashtag as David Clark, senior manager of product operations and job optimization at CareerBuilder, and Victor Gipson, manager for client support, shared their insights and tips on how hiring managers can create and enhance their job postings for search engine optimization (findability) and context (more compelling and clear content) in CareerBuilder’s “Creating Effective Job Postings that Attract the Best Talent. Continue reading >>

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talent factor

Thirty-Seven Percent of Organizations Use Social Media to Research Job Candidates

Nearly two in five companies (37 percent) use social networking sites to research job candidates, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder. Of the employers who do not research candidates on social media, 15 percent said their company prohibits the practice. Eleven percent report they do not currently use social media to screen, but plan to start.

In a 2009 study of employers who conduct online background checks, 45 percent said they used social media to screen job candidates. Continue reading >>

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Training and re-skilling at Accenture

‘We Put a Tremendous Focus on Reskilling’ | How Accenture Empowers Employment

Accenture recently committed to equipping 250,000 people worldwide with the skills they need to find a job or build a business. But that’s only one of the ways this company is doing its part to empower employment. Learn more about how this company is reaching out to address the skills gap and help more Americans get back to work in the following Q&A with Jill Smart, Accenture’s Chief Human Resources Officer. Continue reading >>

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‘Rich History’ of Hiring Veterans Points to Bright Future | Q&A with Humana’s Director of Talent Acquisition

Last August, health care company Humana, Inc. pledged to hire 1,000 military veterans and/or their spouses over a three-year period as part of President Obama’s nationwide veterans hiring challenge. Less than a year later, Humana is already ahead of schedule. As of this month, they’re already at 46 percent of their goal.

“Our estimate was to be at approximately 35 percent by this time. Continue reading >>

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