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Armed and Ready to Recruit: How to Translate Military Resumes

“Military service men and women never have to fill out a resume, never have to explain what they do, never have to search or apply for a job, never have to prepare for an interview,” said Lisa Rosser during her recent presentation at the 2012 Fall ERE Expo.  Rosser was explaining why military candidates have such a hard time communicating exactly how their military skills and experience transfer to the civilian workforce: for many of them, the job search process as most of us know it is uncharted territory. Continue reading >>

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Five Ways to Attract Veterans Through Your Job Posting Descriptions

How can you use military intelligence to write better job descriptions — and more successfully recruit veterans seeking a civilian job at your company?

While at SHRM 2012, I had the chance to sit in on a session led by veteran recruiting expert Lisa Rosser, a recently retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, called “Marketing to Attract the Military Applicant.” With 22 years of active/reserve military service under her belt, as well as a Masters in Human Resource Management and a former career as an HR business consultant for a global Fortune 500 consulting firm, Rosser has a lot of firsthand knowledge about veterans and the challenges they face. Continue reading >>

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Manufacturing Job Growth Increases by 89 Percent Over Two-Year Period

When you think about industries that have seen extreme growth over the last two years, manufacturing probably isn’t an area that comes to mind. But, using CareerBuilder’s Supply and Demand Portal data, we see that job growth in manufacturing has increased 89 percent from September, 2010 to August, 2012 – an increase from 89,973 jobs to 169,611 jobs.

The five most difficult jobs to fill, based on supply over demand, are:

CNC programmers
Tool and die makers
CNC machinists (featured in a recent In-Demand Jobs video)
CAD/CAM technicians
Engineers & sales engineers

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Four Characteristics of Effective Talent Networks

Have you ever received an application and thought to yourself, “Right candidate, wrong position” – whether it was because the applicant was missing just one crucial skill set, you’d just filled the position or due to some other outlying circumstances.

Or perhaps you’ve met someone at a job fair, conference or networking event who made you think, “This person would be a great fit at my company. Continue reading >>

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Organized Fun: Why and How Employers Should Mix Business and Pleasure

“Times have changed. In the past, fun was looked at as frivolous from the employer level,” says Michael Civello, Director of Client Relations for Plum Benefits, which provides companies with entertainment focused services for their employees.

Today, however, fun is increasingly seen as not just acceptable, but essential to building relationships within the workplace, which Civello says is crucial to increasing morale and decreasing turnover. Continue reading >>

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Go Behind the Scenes with CareerBuilder at HR Tech

If you’re going to the 2012 HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Chicago next month…

…can I make a few small recommendations?

First, you should definitely sign up for a free product demo at CareerBuilder booth 837,where you can check out some of the cool product updates the CareerBuilder has made – all to make life easier for the HR community. Continue reading >>

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Workplace bullying

Is Workplace Bullying Becoming a Bigger Problem?

As we’ve discussed before, workplace bullying isn’t a new issue, and it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder survey conducted by Harris Interactive© among more than 3,800 workers nationwide reveals the problem not only isn’t going away — it’s becoming more common.

Thirty-five percent of workers said they have felt bullied at work, up from 27 percent last year. Continue reading >>

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How to Fix a Skill Mismatch

Article contributed by Robert Half International

Although your staff work hard, do they seem to be playing catch-up, working overtime and missing deadlines? Are you spending an unusual amount of time talking with your team about what went wrong on the last project and how to improve processes moving forward?

Such scenarios are more common than you may think. They’re often due to under-staffing, but they also can be caused by a skills mismatch. Continue reading >>

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Six Lower-Than-Expected Areas for Wage Pressure in Business Recruiting

Last week CareerBuilder announced the acquisition of Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), a provider of high-quality employment data and economic analysis. Using the EMSI Average Standard Wage Index, we created a list of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) that display higher-than- and lower-than-expected average salaries for business and financial operations occupations. Continue reading >>

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“Communicate Aggressively”: Lessons from the CEO of WMS Industries

“When you listen to your employees, it’s hard not to be successful,” says Brian Gamache, Chairman of the Board and CEO at WMS Industries Inc. In the following interview, Gamache reveals the interactive technology company’s culture of fearlessness, the importance of maintaining a work/life balance, and why having a little insecurity can be a big benefit.

How would you describe the culture of WMS? Continue reading >>

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