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Candidates are Customers, Too: 6 Customer Service Rules to Recruit By

Successful companies recognize the business benefits of providing stellar customer service. Not only does it generate referrals from satisfied customers and bolster customer loyalty, but it also differentiates them from their competitors.

Likewise, providing a good candidate experience tends to generate similar benefits for employers. According to the 2012 Candidate Behavior Study, the way people search for jobs today is very similar to how they make purchasing decisions. Continue reading >>

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Ten Industries with Double Digit Job Growth

Job creation in the U.S. is on an upward trajectory. While growth has been slower or stagnant in certain areas, there are many industries where the production of new jobs has accelerated.  Markets tied to energy, production, technology, health care, transportation and consulting have increased employment 10 to 30 percent over the last few years.

The following is a list of specific industries where job growth has increased by double digits with an addition of at least 20,000 jobs from 2010 to 2012:

    Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals – 28,333 jobs added since 2010, signifying 30 percent growth
    Drilling Oil and Gas Wells – 21,970 jobs added, up 29 percent
    Electronic Shopping – 25,327 jobs added, up 23 percent
    Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction – 32,715 jobs added, up 21 percent
    Temporary Help Services – 438,116 jobs added, up 21 percent
    Machine Shops – 44,754 jobs added, up 18 percent
    Marketing Consulting Services – 27,113 jobs added, up 13 percent
    Computer Systems Design Services – 88,740 jobs added, up 12 percent
    Specialized Freight (except used goods) Trucking, Local – 22,936 jobs added, up 11 percent
    Home Health Care Services – 116,360 jobs added, up 10 percent

The study uses Economic Modeling Specialists’ (EMSI) rich labor market database, which pulls from over 90 national and state employment resources, such as the U.S. Continue reading >>

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Anneke Williams, CareerBuilder's Job Seeker Spotlight

Job Seeker Spotlight: Anneke Williams, Human Resources

People are so much more than the skills or work history listed on their résumés. With Job Seeker Spotlight, we give individuals the opportunity to highlight their creativity, personality and passion to employers who are looking to hire today. To connect with any of our featured individuals, login to the Resume Database and search by name and location. If you don’t currently have access, subscribe today. Continue reading >>

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What It Means to Provide a Good Candidate Experience (and Why You Should Care)

Creating a good job search experience for applicants isn’t just good will; it’s good business.

“Providing a good candidate experience is a win-win for both candidates and employers,” says Sanja Licina, Ph.D., Senior Director of Talent Intelligence and Consulting at CareerBuilder. Creating a positive experience for candidates applying to your jobs isn’t solely in the best interest of the candidates, Licina says, who identified the following two ways employers stand to gain from the effort. Continue reading >>

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Nearly Five Percent of U.S. Workers Are Age Sixty-Five Plus

A recent CareerBuilder study shows 57 percent of workers age 60 plus said they would look for a new job after retiring from their current company, showing that retirement no longer means the end of one’s career. In fact, an estimated 4.7% of jobs are held by workers who are 65 years of age and over, up from 4% in 2001.  Continue reading >>

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“Success Will Be Your Greatest Obstacle”: The Best Sound Bites From Inc. 500/5000

With all due respect to Barbara Walters, the next time she’s putting together her ‘Most Fascinating People’ list, she might want to consult the list of keynote speakers for the most recent Inc. 500/5000 Conference.

The annual event, which honors the fastest-growing businesses in America, also features some of today’s most intelligent, interesting and charismatic thought leaders.

(Not that the Kardashian family isn’t fascinating…I’m just saying it’s possible what these speakers are doing right now is slightly more interesting than, say, creating a new line of leopard-print thongs for their DASH clothing boutique. Continue reading >>

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In Case You Missed It: Recruiting Experts Tell All at Staffing World 2012

Between rushing from session to session, finding an outlet for your iPad/Nexus 7/Kindle/Samsung Tablet, and trying to win a new iPad/Nexus 7/Kindle/Samsung Tablet during Staffing World 2012 in Vegas earlier this month…

Chances are you might have missed a few of the conversations happening on the expo floor, in which case, CareerBuilder has you covered. Check out the following videos to hear straight from Staffing World attendees (a.k.a. Continue reading >>

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Military veteran seeking civilian job

Is Your Career Website Turning Off Military Veterans?

Your career website: Do veterans love it or hate it?

Recently, I shared Lisa Rosser’s advice on how to use military intelligence to write better job descriptions — and more successfully recruit veterans seeking a civilian job at your company. While your job descriptions are arguably your first line of attack (and a very important method of attracting veterans), they’re only one piece of the puzzle. Continue reading >>

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Five Jobs With the Most Turnover

As the job market moves in a positive direction, workers are feeling more confident about job prospects and are pursuing new opportunities, according to CareerBuilder’s Q4 2012 Job Forecast. The study found that 18 percent of hiring managers had top performers leave their organizations in Q3 2012. In comparison, 26 percent of workers said they plan to change jobs in the next 12 months. Continue reading >>

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