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Five Jobs With the Most Turnover

As the job market moves in a positive direction, workers are feeling more confident about job prospects and are pursuing new opportunities, according to CareerBuilder’s Q4 2012 Job Forecast. The study found that 18 percent of hiring managers had top performers leave their organizations in Q3 2012. In comparison, 26 percent of workers said they plan to change jobs in the next 12 months.

The top five positions companies cited for having the most
turnover in their organizations this year include:

  1. Sales Representative
  2. Administrative Assistant
  3. IT Manager/Network Administrator
  4. Engineer
  5. Customer Service Representative

With increased worker movement in the marketplace, the competition for talent is becoming more intense. Half (50 percent) of employers who extended a job offer in the last year reported that a candidate rejected the offer.They primarily attribute the rejection to candidates taking another job offer — meaning another company may have had a stronger employment brand reputation — or their organization was not able to meet desired salary.

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Additional information, if you are a sales person who is looking for a job in retail be very careful getting into stores with a Sales Per Hour. Some are counted against you and you cannot get around this. I worked for the #2 retail store in the USA that does not market or advertise. Once a year, January 1st they will put a tiny ad in the paper for a sale. That is it. If you sell $1200, $ 500 will come back and you will have to make that up. You can go 3 to 4 hours without a customer because customers don't know what is on sale. Be leery of these types of stores. There are limited customers, merchandise is very expensive (and they have buyers remorse when they purchase and often return it). I was let go in 1 year. they will evaluate you every 3 months, not after 6 mos, every 3 months. 10% pay cuts. If you do try to work for stores like this, go in there with an expectant hourly rate around 18.00 hour for a bumper. If you are hired on at $13.00 hr, you will sure be let go in one year. Everyone gets a pay cut. Once you are down to 9.00 you are let go. The SPH is a career killer so be careful. One store, I won't spell it out completely is the worse, "D" is the first letter in the name of this big store. Look at all the complaints on this store and decide whether you want to do this SPH or not. I have been let go and it was the first in my career. It's all set up and you will not beat it unless you ask for a high hourly rate. Be prepared to have you sales stolen, you will pit against each other and you will be put in departments with others who will not accept you because they fear their sales will be taken by you and you are already a enemy. The environment is low and oppressive.


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