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Listen Up, Nerds: Hiring and Leadership Lessons from Tina Fey and Liz Lemon

The series finale of NBC’s ‘30 Rock’ has recently come and gone, but insight on what it means to be a leader from both ’30 Rock’’s creator and star, Tina Fey, and her alter ego, Liz Lemon, lives on.

(After all, who better to look to for dealing with difficult employees than someone who’s worked with ‘creative types’ on SNL and a character who’s done the same on its fictional equivalent, TGS?)

Tina Fey: “What SNL Taught Me”

In her bestselling memoir, Bossypants, Fey shares the lessons she learned from ‘SNL‘ creator Lorne Michaels during her days as a writer for the show. Continue reading >>

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Four Myths About Mobile Recruitment

Question: Are you reading this from a mobile device? These days, I’d be willing to bet that answer is “yes”. According to a recent study from research firm Gartner, Inc., by the end of this year, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide. Not only that, but eMarketer forecasts the number of mobile shoppers in the U.S. Continue reading >>

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Why Employer Branding Videos are Now a “Must Have”- And 8 Tips To Do It Well

Employer branding videos have been around for some time, so why the sudden need to pay attention? Well, although employer branding videos have become the norm for larger, more progressive companies, the average business is still catching up. There is a paradigm shift occurring, however, that is turning employer branding videos into a must-have resource for attracting the top talent.

What is that shift? Continue reading >>

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Job Satisfaction Soars Among IT Workers, Outpacing All Other Industries

If there’s one thing Information Technology employees love, it’s their jobs: Seventy-two percent of workers currently in IT report being satisfied with their job, higher than any other industry, and only 15 percent said they plan on switching jobs in the coming year.

Contributing to the high satisfaction rates could be the fact that 75 percent of employers plan to increase compensation for existing employees – up from 71 percent last year – while 54 percent plan to offer higher starting salaries for new IT employees – up significantly from 42 percent last year.  Continue reading >>

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Employee putting new name plate on office door

Workers’ Most-Wanted Perk: Is it Really About the Fancy Title?

Catered gourmet lunches. Nap pods. On-site massages. Bike repair for commuters — or “baby cash” for new parents. Self-created job titles. Half-day Fridays — or four-day workweeks. Paid month-long company shutdowns. Free dry cleaning — or even house cleaning. Better maternity leave options.

Crazy awesome perks — much of which we see from today’s Internet start-up companies — can turn one’s thoughts about finding a new and better job into action. Continue reading >>

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Sales Job Forecast

Death of a Sales Skill? Survey Highlights Industry Recruiting Challenges

Just what the world needs: more sales people, amirite? Just kidding! But seriously, folks…Companies actually do need more sales people this year, which is why 27 percent of hiring managers in the sales industry plan to add full-time, permanent employees in 2013.

The nationwide survey of more than 370 sales hiring managers and human resource professionals and more than 290 sales workers across company sizes also found that, thanks to increased competition for quality sales reps, employers plan to offer more competitive compensation, invest in additional training for new hires, and recruit from other companies. Continue reading >>

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What you need to know to recruit an IT worker

Recruiting IT Workers? Here’s What You Need to Know…

CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast reveals how employers plan to recruit and retain more IT workers in 2013.

In things-you-probably-already-knew news, a new survey reveals that IT professionals are in high demand this year. I know, right? I’ll give you a second to pick your jaws up from off the floor…

Anyway, according to CareerBuilder’s annual hiring forecast, 42 percent of hiring managers plan to add full-time, permanent IT employees in 2013, up four percentage points over 2012. Continue reading >>

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Ten Job Categories That Will Add Full-Time Headcount in 2013

While employers are cautious about the state of the market and future recovery, many market segments will see active hiring in 2013. Sales and information technology boast the top spots when it comes to hiring in the New Year.

Sales and IT aren’t the only hot positions, though; the following percentage of hiring managers plan to recruit full-time, permanent employees for these other positions: Continue reading >>

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Returnships: Internships for a New Generation

Need Skilled Workers? Consider a Returnship Program

It’s a common story these days: companies can’t find the qualified candidates they need, despite the high unemployment rate. But some employers are solving this dilemma through what are known as returnship programs.

Returnships, or return-to-work programs, are commonly described as internship programs for older professionals who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time. Continue reading >>

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CareerBuilder Global Job Forecast 2013

CareerBuilder’s First Global Job Forecast Is Here: 10 Top Economies Report

We have a pretty good idea by now of what businesses across the U.S. are planning when it comes to hiring, finances and compensation in 2013 — but what does growth look like for economies around the world?

CareerBuilder’s first-ever annual job forecast of the 10 largest world economies answers this question for us and reveals that while some countries, like Brazil and India, are confident about the year ahead (more than two-thirds of employers in these markets planning to add full-time, permanent headcount in 2013), others, like Italy, appear to be more guarded (more employers expect to decrease staff than those who expect to hire).  Continue reading >>

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