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Are You Down With RPP? New Tool Reveals Effectiveness of Your Job Ads

RPPSomewhere on the list of questions like “OMG, are Kate and Prince William having TWINS?!?” and “Will Facebook ever add a ‘dislike’ button?” is that other great mystery of our time (at least those of us who use job boards to recruit): “Are my job postings as effective as they could be?”

While time will tell on the first two questions, the wait is over for the last one, thanks to a new offering from CareerBuilder, which utilizes big data to help employers assess the impact of their job postings. The new Recruitment Performance Portal (RPP), a first-of-its kind, free analytics tool for all CareerBuilder clients, draws from data on more than 27 million applicant behaviors to provide real-time information about clients’ job posting performance.

Using the RPP, recruiters and hiring managers can instantly:

  • Track how many searches, views and applications they’ve received for each position and see how they compare to their competitors in the same areas.
  • View all of their positions at once to easily identify areas where they are doing well and areas with the biggest need for improvement.
  • Filter information by job type, job location, date applied, applicant demographics, company profile, industry comparison and site to get as detailed as needed.
  • View their applicant pool in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, education level, experience, management experience, compensation, last employer, last employer size, last employer industry, military experience and security clearance.
  • Compare the makeup of their applicant pool to the makeup of competitors’ applicant pools.

“Pretty Cool”: The RPP Reviewed
While it might not be generating quite the media buzz as a royal pregnancy, RPP recently got a shout out from ERE’s John Zappe, who praises the portal for its unique offering, ease of use and quality of results, saying:

“The near real-time data is graphically presented for ease of use. At a glance, even a casual user can tell how well a particular ad is doing and how the results compare to the industry. While 28 applicants is at the low end in terms of volume, the candidates are better educated and have more experience than the average of what other customer service rep ads attract. For that employer, trading volume for the quality indicators could be a winning combination.”

And Then There’s the Little Matter of Big Data…
One final thought: Remember how we keep talking about the impact big data is going to have on the recruitment industry? The RPP is the perfect representative of what we’re talking about. In a statement for the press release, CareerBuilder CDO Hope Gurion says:

“CareerBuilder’s Recruitment Performance Portal provides actionable competitive intelligence in real-time. “We’re applying the power of Big Data, making it easy for clients to optimize recruitment strategies to gain competitive advantage and better engage desirable talent.  The portal offers companies information that is invaluable in developing a more effective recruiting program by not only evaluating their own applicants, but also benchmarking their recruitment efforts against competitors.”

For a quick peek at how the portal works, check out the Recruitment Performance Portal video below:

Mary Lorenz

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