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5 Mobile Recruiting Trends You Must Know About

2013 is set to be the year that, well, just about everything goes mobile – from shopping to making reservations and paying bills to networking. One area of the business world that is positioned right in the vortex of this change is recruitment. Put simply, as the world goes mobile – and, with it, candidates – recruitment must follow.

In fact, there are five key mobile hiring trends recruiters must know about when developing their hiring strategies for 2013 and beyond. Continue reading >>

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More employers are requiring a college education

Is a Bachelor’s Degree the New High School Diploma? Some Employers Think So

College. The institution without which we would be robbed of classics like National Lampoon’s Animal House, Old School, Revenge of the Nerds, Tommy Boy, and Real Genius (which filled many of us with the false notion that ice parties are a regular college event). College isn’t just about fraternity shenanigans, campus streaking, and nerd victories, though — many believe a college education isn’t just a nice-to-have in today’s workforce, but a necessity. Continue reading >>

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For Some Companies, Reskilling Begins at Home

Two companies exemplify what it means to empower employment through internal employee development and succession planning initiatives.

In a post last week following the release of CareerBuilder’s Global Skills Gap Study, I discussed how companies are taking a proactive approach to the skills gap and talent shortage. It’s encouraging to see companies take it upon themselves to find solutions to these challenges, but what’s even more impressive is the different approaches they’re finding to do so. Continue reading >>

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Clueless Makeover

Project! Give Your Job Postings the Teen Movie Makeover Treatment

Are candidates saying “whatever” to your job postings? Fear not, because if coming-of-age teen films like The Breakfast Club, She’s All That or Clueless have taught the world anything, it’s that sometimes the smallest adjustments can have the most jaw-dropping, “can-you-believe-this-it’s-not-butter?” effects.

Your job postings are no exception: You’d be surprised what just a few small changes can do to boost their job candidate traffic and EOI. Continue reading >>

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Two in Five U.S. Employers Say Job Vacancies Negatively Affected Business

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 38 percent of U.S. companies say they have experienced negative implications from extended job vacancies, citing less effective business performance, lower quality work, lower morale and higher employee turnover. Continue reading >>

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Three ways to tell whether your talent community is strong, effective and scalable.

Three Signs You’ve Built a Talent Community That Rocks

A talent community is another one of those explosive social media/talent management cocktails that are supposed to set the HR world alight. They haven’t quite done that yet – and it’s not to say they won’t – but for the moment talent communities are still in their embryonic stages and finding their feet and true home in the talent management process. Continue reading >>

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Reach Out and Train Somebody: How Two Companies Are Bridging the Skills Gap

CareerBuilder’s recently released Global Skills Gap Study, indicates just how far-reaching the skills gap is – and just how important it is that companies work in collaboration with the government and educational system to decrease this gap.

Taking a proactive approach to the skills gap and talent shortage is a message CareerBuilder has been pushing since last year, with the launch of its Empowering Employment initiative. Continue reading >>

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10 Mobile Apps for a Mobile Recruiter

Now that the world is more mobile than ever, productivity has increased and the expectations to accomplish more in a day’s work has skyrocketed. Mr. Joe Stock-trader has mobile apps to provide real-time stock updates, and even the host or hostess at our favorite restaurants has a tablet to assign seating. So, what about the recruiters and HR professionals? What mobile apps should mobile recruiters use to optimize our day? Continue reading >>

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The Skills Gap Heard ‘Round the World

Companies in the top ten world economies report losses in productivity and revenue due to a skills gap, survey finds.

Think you’ve got it bad trying to find skilled labor? You should see the other guys.

According to CareerBuilder’s most recent survey, the U.S. isn’t the only country that’s feeling the hurt of a skills gap – far from it, in fact. Continue reading >>

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The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Temp Jobs

Employers who are hoping to supplement their staffing needs with temporary or contract workers this year may face some competition, as 40 percent of employers plan to do the same.

Thanks to new research compiled by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists (EMSI), those companies now know where they can expect to see the biggest competition for talent. Drawn from EMSI’s extensive labor market database, the following list contains the positions for which companies are hiring at an accelerated rate. Continue reading >>

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