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Where Should You Recruit for Today’s Top 3 Business Jobs?

Where to recruit for today's top 3 business jobs

Data that points to the best states in which to find top business jobs may tell a different story when it comes to recruiting. According to U.S. News & World Report, the top three business jobs right now are market research analyst, financial adviser and accountant. The best jobs are defined according to a number of factors, including the growth of the job category, salary, job prospects, and quality of life on the job.

But where are these fantastic jobs to be found? The following maps from CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal show where these jobs are the most numerous based on data from the last two years.

1. Market research analysts

Market research analyst job openings are most numerous in California, New York and Illinois:

U.S. locations for market research analyst job openings

For market research analysts, the best states (from the job seeker’s point of view) are Utah, Oregon and Washington. Furthermore, among states where there are many job openings for market research analysts, the best state is California.

2. Financial advisers

Financial adviser job openings are most numerous in California, New York and Texas:

U.S. locations for financial adviser job openings

For financial advisers, the best states to seek a job are Louisiana, Washington and Iowa. Among states we already mentioned for having many such job openings, the best state is California.

3. Accountants

Finally, accountant job openings are most numerous in California, Texas and New York:

U.S. locations for accountant job openings

For accountants, the best states are North Dakota, Alaska and Nebraska. Among the states that have many job openings for accountants, the best state is Texas.

Labor pressure and the bigger recruiting picture

As we can see, the maps look very similar for the three jobs, and this is largely due to the fact that the states I just mentioned are larger and so they tend to contain more jobs on average. What is perhaps more interesting is to examine which states have the lowest job seeker-to-job opening ratios (i.e., lower labor pressure), and how these ratios affect recruiting success.

Taking into account labor pressure rather than simply looking at the sheer number of jobs gives a very different picture about where the best jobs are. In particular, while New York has plenty of openings for all of these top three jobs, there are many job seekers chasing the existing job openings. This means that, among states with a high number of these top three business jobs, New York is worst for job seekers to find a job, but it is best for companies to recruit.

Ioana Marinescu

About Ioana Marinescu

Ioana Marinescu is an assistant professor in economics at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. Her research focuses on understanding labor markets. She has been collaborating on data and research projects with CareerBuilder and she is especially interested in how to get the right people to work in the right jobs. You can follow her on twitter @mioana and check out her research on her website,


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