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The Best Bits From the 2013 HCI Human Capital Summit

The Swan and Dolphin, Walt Disney Resorts OrlandoIf you’re still lamenting the end of the 2013 HCI Human Capital Summit, you can dry those eyes and slowly take down your #hcsummitshrine: We’ve rounded up our favorite tips, quotes and ideas from the conference below:

  1. More power leads to less perspective. As author Daniel Pink said, “The more power someone has and feels, the worse their perspective taking abilities get.” Decreasing your power, he says, increases your ability for perspective taking, which in turn increases your effectiveness. Leaders should empower people and reduce their roadblocks by reducing their own power.
  2. “There are two types of organizations: The quick and the dead.” Dr. John Sullivan, CEO of Dr. John Sullivan & Associates, discussed how adaptive firms that effectively respond to turbulent environments will be most successful moving forward. Large firms no longer dominate smaller ones — instead, fast adapting firms now dominate slow-changing ones. In a VUCA world, if the overall rate of change inside your firm is slower than rate of change occurring outside of it, your demise is on the horizon.
  3. VUCA is all the rage… Wait, what is VUCA? VUCA is an acronym used to describe the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of situations (at the summit, the term was widely used to describe our current economy).
  4. “What do you believe an individual can do? Go one size up — go one step further. You’ll be surprised what your employees will do when given the opportunity.” –Lori Emerick and Nancy Turner of Nike
  5. On effective coaching conversations: The manager/employee coaching conversation isn’t about the relationship — it IS the relationship. As a manager, do you do 50 percent or more of the talking? Managers can get to a different place in coaching their employees through the art of listening and questioning, say Emerick and Turner.
  6. “You have to be noticing and recognizing people’s contributions all the time — it never stops. – Stuart Crabb, Head of Learning at Facebook.
  7. What employees really want, according to Facebook: Facebook focuses on the top four things employees want (according to Gallup’s Q12 survey): 1) Set me free, 2) Be clear with me, 3) Care about me, 4) Recognize me.
  8. Sheila Stygar, Sr. director of talent acquisition at Pepsico: “If you are responsible enough to run a good team, you’re responsible enough to give people feedback on why they didn’t get a job or promotion.”
  9. “65 percent people prefer a better boss over a raise.” — David Rock, director of the NeuroLeadership Institute
  10. Leaders by nature create a lot of uncertainty and threat responses from employees without even knowing it, says Rock. By increasing stress in employees, we significantly reduce their creativity. Alternatively, giving someone a little more autonomy than they thought they were going to have in a situation can turn a stress response into a positive.
  11. “Everything you can do in a regular classroom you can do in a virtual classroom – except eat.” – Andrea Procaccino, global head of learning & development for Avon Products, Inc. In 2011, there were 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide: That’s 87 percent of the world’s population. Yet, fewer than one-third of organizations deliver content via mobile learning. Mobile learning gives employees the ability to learn anytime, anywhere, at the point of need — they’re not tied to a physical location to learn. Procaccino says this will be the top trend in learning moving forward.
  12. We need the three Cs (Culture, Context and Competition) for big data to make big progress, says statistician Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight. Take your theories and models and test them in real-world ideas. You can get yourself in trouble if you’re not actively testing things. With that said, if you don’t use big data, someone else will and will use it to get ahead. Bottom line: Let’s use big data, but make sure we’re being smart about how to get there.
  13. This is the first time that we as a society have real-time data at our fingertips that can really impact our businesses. Experts call this time the “second age of enlightenment.” — Jamie Womack, VP of corporate marketing & branding at CareerBuilder

What did we miss? Did you have a favorite session, #HCSummit tweet or bit of wisdom picked up along the way to share?

Amy K. McDonnell

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