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I Know It’s a Little Nerdy, But Data is Cool

Working with data

Are you a “data” person like I am?  I love data and all that it can tell me. I’ve worked in the Internet industry for the last 12 years and in that time, I have seen a lot of charts and graphs and raw data spreadsheets.

There is a huge difference when looking at a visual bar chart or graph as opposed to a raw data sheet. When you put data into a graphical format and add the colors and titles, the data comes alive and tells you a story much more quickly than if you were looking at a plain-Jane Excel spreadsheet.

For example, the below chart is showing the top cities where Java developers are in the highest demand. You can see the locations where the most jobs are posted and the bar chart graphically shows the percentages and how the cities compare to each other.  New York, NY is showing the highest percentage with more than 27 percent of the total job postings, while the rest of the cities only cover between 5-11 percent of the total Java developer job openings in the last two years.

Java Developers in Demand

The Excel spreadsheet version of this data is much less exciting.  The raw data shows the information, but it isn’t as enticing to review as the above bar chart.  It’s definitely not something that I’m going to present to anyone if I have another option.

Excel list for java developers

If you want to step it up a notch, an even more interesting way to look at this data is using a heat map.  Below is a map of the U.S. showing the demand for Java developers by city.  The larger bubbles show where the most job postings are listed compared to the rest of the country with smaller or no bubbles.

demand for java developers in US

These are the type of visual representations that are really cool and that our clients love.

Psst — it’s okay to admit that you like data too!

Ellen Silva

About Ellen Silva

Ellen Silva joined CareerBuilder in 2000 and currently is responsible for the user experience of CareerBuilder’s data portals and driving revenue growth of those products. She works closely with the technology team to deliver enhancements to the products and partners directly with the CareerBuilder sales force to present offerings to clients that answer key business questions. Ellen has more than 15 years of experience managing business development partnerships, online marketing campaigns, and websites.


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