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Three Top Companies, Three New Approaches to Recruitment

New Recruitment ApproachIf you’re trying to recruit the best of the best for your organization (and who among us isn’t?), it certainly helps your recruitment efforts if you happen to be a large company with widespread brand recognition, a sizable recruitment budget and more resources than you can shake a stick at; however, as some of today’s top companies will tell you, size and budget have very little to do with truly successful recruitment. For them, it’s all about strategy.

At a panel during the recent ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo titled The Consultative Recruitment Department: Transitioning Your Team to a New Recruitment Model, recruiting leaders from ESPN, AT&T and GE discussed their surprisingly simple, but effective efforts to recruit top candidates, such as the following:

Employ a “Buddy System” for New Hires.

At its core, ESPN’s buddy system has all the makings of an ideal onboarding program: it’s designed to help new hires adjust to the job, familiarize them with the company culture, and ultimately set them up for long-term success with the organization. What’s unique about the system is its set-up: every new hire is assigned a ‘buddy’ in their offer letter. Buddies are high potential employees selected by their managers and introduced at the interview stage. The purpose of the buddy is not to assess the candidate, but to answer questions the new hire might not be comfortable asking the interviewer or hiring manager. Once the candidate is hired, the buddy becomes more of a mentor, checking in on the candidate and making them feel comfortable and easing their transition.

Train Recruiters As If They Were Sales People.

At AT&T, recruiters receive sales training in order to learn to better ‘sell’ the company to candidates. It makes sense, given that recruiting is much like sales, given that candidate job search behavior is much like consumer buying behavior, where the ‘buying’ experience and good customer service is increasingly important to attraction and engagement.

Solicit Feedback Early and Often.

To ensure they are always improving their recruiting process, GE surveys their hiring managers and candidates for get multi-faceted feedback on the experience. The company then uses that feedback to enhance their process to make it as painless, intuitive and efficient for both parties. By constantly working to improve the process, GE shows that it clearly understands the value of creating a positive candidate experience, which isn’t just about trying to recruit new hires, but also about building its employment brand, building its talent network and increasing its bottom line.

The best thing about these recruiting efforts is that they can be universally applied. That is, you do not have to be a big company with a huge recruiting budget in order to implement the following practices and make them successful in your own organization. They keys to success are consistency, dedication and effort.

Mary Lorenz

About Mary Lorenz

Mary is a copywriter for CareerBuilder, specializing in B2B marketing and corporate recruiting best practices and social media. In addition to creating copy for corporate advertising and marketing campaigns, she researches and writes about employee attraction, engagement and retention. Whenever possible, she makes references to pop culture. Sometimes, those references are even relevant. A New Orleans native, Mary now lives in Chicago, right down the street from the best sushi place in the city. It's awesome.


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