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The One Video You Need to See This Week: Will Sensory Tattoos Make Their Way Into the Workplace?

Now that researchers have developed a sensory tattoo that monitors athlete productivity, will one that monitors employee productivity be far behind?

Forget heart-rate monitors, athletes will soon be able to measure their physical progress by applying temporary tattoos that monitor sweat, track chemical balance and gauge physical activity.

Developed by a team at the University of California-San Diego, these tattoos seem to take the wearable gadget trend to the next level. While developed for athletes, it is expected that this technology will ultimately be modified for use in other ways. And as companies look for ever more sophisticated ways to track and monitor employee productivity, is it so hard to imagine tattoos could be that next step?

Video and images via Mashable

What do you think? Are tattoos that monitor workplace productivity that far off? Or is the effort to monitor employees’ every move already too invasive as it is?