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Empowering Employees Is A Win-Win At Impact Networking

Impact Networking“We don’t micromanage our people. We empower them.” This is the rally cry at Impact Networking, a company that recognizes that success is dependent on the people it employs. For this reason, Impact focuses on recruiting talented, motivated and enthusiastic candidates who are passionate about building their careers, not simply earning paychecks.  It’s hardly a wonder why Impact has been recognized by the likes of the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Business Chicago and Inc. magazine. Most recently, Impact was recognized as a 2013 Big Strides in Small Business finalist, due to its remarkable efforts to empowering employment (see the video submission here).

In the following Q&A, Impact’s Director of Recruiting Mark Santiago and Senior Designer Rebecca Adolf discuss the secret to Impact’s success, why employees love working there and how the two factors are connected.

What makes Impact a great place to work?
Rebecca Adolf: Besides incentives like company-sponsored vacations, raffles, tickets to sports events and various parties, what’s really great about working here is that the executive management really listens to employees. They travel constantly to each of the branches, they do frequent employee surveys, and they really listen to the feedback. They also talk a lot about the transparency of the company and keep employees informed about what’s going on.
Mark Santiago: I’m going to put it as simply as possible:  What makes Impact a great place for me to work is the people.  They work hard together, and everyone rises to the challenge.  And when we achieve our goals, we celebrate our accomplishments together.  

What is one of the perks of working at a company that’s growing the way Impact is?
RA: I think, because we’re successful and we’re growing, it really kind of spreads the wealth.  With the raffles and other incentives, the employees invest a lot back into the company.  We are going to be building a new headquarters and getting the latest equipment for the staff.  When you work at a company that’s doing well, everyone is a lot happier.
MS: When you’re a part of that growth and when you have the right people around you, it’s more of a personal perk to know the person next to me has my back, and that I’ve got theirs.  I believe the video [we created for the Big Strides in Small Business award] shows how the different departments are able to work together, understand each other, and be there for each other.  That’s just so huge. It’s the type of environment I’ve always wanted to be in.

We hear a lot of companies say they can’t find qualified candidates to fill their open positions. Have you found that to be the case at Impact?
MS: Our biggest challenge is finding the right people. That’s the key – making sure you have people who fit in, have the same values as you, are passionate, are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, work well with others and really want to make a difference. That’s something we’re hoping to accomplish with our video. People can read about our company online, but if they can see a video of our staff, they can get an even better understanding of our corporate culture and get more excited about the opportunity to work with us. 

Your employees speak highly of the mentorship programs provided by Impact.  What do you believe makes these mentorship programs successful?
RA: The camaraderie between employees. We’re like a family. Some of your colleagues become your best friends because we work so closely together, and we all want to succeed.  People have their own goals, but there are also team goals and all-company incentives.  We praise and highlight individuals who do exceptional jobs and get compliments, but it’s also important to reward teams and the company as a whole.

Finally, give me three words to describe the culture at Impact.
MS: Passionate, resilient and committed. 
RA: Energetic, motivated and fun.

Want to know more about what makes Impact so successful? Watch Impact’s award-worthy video:

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