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4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Mobile Employee Referral Program

PSo you’ve decided to take your employee referral program to the next level: mobile. Excellent decision. Though they are managed in the workplace, referrals are created through the social interactions employees have with their friends during their free time. Having a mobile referral program will enable employees even greater ability to refer quality candidates no matter where they are.

Whether it’s allowing employees to send you referrals directly from the gym or restaurant where they meet up with potential candidates, or providing them with a quick job link to post on their social networks or via email, harnessing the power of their mobile connectivity will naturally lead to more referrals coming your way. Plus, with the rapid expansion of mobile usage – including among your own employees – it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to provide them with the tools to make referrals on the go.

In short, there’s never been a better time to optimize your referral program for personal wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. But before you get started, take the opportunity to review the following:

4 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Mobile Employee Referral Program:

  1. Having a Web Link (and Only a Web Link): Why make entering your referral program complicated and drawn out by requiring employees to plug in a web address each time? Even mobile-friendly webpages won’t cut it, because they are still too cumbersome to log onto. Convert your program to a designated app employees can download to their mobile devices for quick and easy use – just one touch and they’re in. Better yet, customize the app with your company brand colors and logo, and present employees with a personalized app.
  2. Having Multiple Forms to Fill Out: Remember – your mobile-optimized referral program should be designed for mobile devices. It’s not desktop-based, so leave the page navigation at a bare minimum, and try to limit the number of forms – and form fields – employees have to fill out to as few as possible.
  3. Requiring Resumes: Again, this is a mobile application – the name of the game is ease, and the more hoops you make your employees jump through, the less likely they are to finish the process. Requiring employees to submit resumes along with their referrals is not only another hoop they have to jump through, it’s also not critical for great referrals, according to ERE’s John Sullivan. For better results, enable employees to make referrals in a lead format – which just requires a name and contact details (it can’t hurt to give them some space to write a line of recommendation, too). Bonus: By accepting leads without resumes, you also open the door to a wider stream of passive candidates who aren’t actively hunting for jobs and therefore may not have updated resumes.
  4. Limiting Job-Sharing Options: Encourage employees to participate by providing them with several different ways to share jobs, such as through Facebook, Google+, Twitter and email. An array of choices makes the program more user-friendly and accessible – and increases your potential to reach out to more referrals.

Today, employees are doing everything on their personal mobile devices, from paying their bills to choosing which cars to buy. Empowering them to refer candidates via this medium will maximize what is already the leading external source of hire. Don’t get left behind – provide them with the tools they need to make referrals wherever they are.

Assaf Eisenstein

About Assaf Eisenstein

Assaf Eisenstein is the founder and CEO of GooodJob. GooodJob’s social and mobile recruiting solutions helps corporate recruiters boost their employee referral programs and attract top talent by effectively engaging employees and successfully harnessing social media tools. Previously the CEO of two publicly traded companies, Assaf holds a law degree from the University of Leicester in England, and an MBA from the College of Management in Israel. During his free time, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and two children, and mountain biking.


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