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Recruiting Mobile Application Developers? What To Know, Where To Go

Good Looking Smart Nerd Man With Tablet ComputerRemember a few years ago when the social media explosion led to an emergence of newly created jobs geared toward creating and managing social media accounts? Thanks to the continued growth of smartphone and tablet usage among consumers, mobile application developers have become the new social media managers.

In fact, the demand for mobile application developers has increased so significantly, supply just can’t keep up. Over the past two years, there have been over 258,860 job postings posted online and only 35,562 active candidates available for these roles.

Needless to say, with competition for talent so tight, these jobs are extremely hard to fill. How hard exactly? Looking at the Hiring Indicator from CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal, mobile application developers score an 18 in level of recruiting difficulty, on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 indicating the highest level of recruiting difficulty.

When it comes to knowing where to find the talent that is out there, data generated from the Supply & Demand Portal indicates that California and Texas have the highest supply of mobile application developers, with seven of the top 10 cities nationwide. Chicago, New York City and Atlanta round out the list. If you’re trying to recruit mobile application developers, the following cities are a hotbed for talent. While recruiting in these areas will still be difficult, it is an improvement over the nationwide average.

When recruiting outside of your local area, it is also important to take into account relocation. For example, the Supply & Demand portal indicates that employers looking for mobile application developers might want to focus their efforts in the Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and  Atlanta metro areas, where 18 percent of candidates say they are willing to relocate.

Best Cities to Source Mobile Application Developers -  Bob Nelson

Mobile application developers are just one of many occupations where the supply of available talent does not meet the demand. For any employer recruiting talent for a hard-to-fill position, it is important to understand where the supply of candidates is highest, as well as what the market compensation rates and how willing candidates are to relocate – and creating your recruitment strategy around that.

Offering a competitive compensation and attractive relocation package will give you a competitive edge when recruiting, and increase your ability to hire from outside your company’s general area. From there, you will need to decide if the costs to relocate outweigh the expenses and the amount of time it will take to hire a candidate from the local market. Either way, understanding the labor market and candidate behavior is the first and most important step toward meeting your recruitment goal.

Bob Nelson

About Bob Nelson

As an Analyst for CareerBuilder’s Workforce Analytics Team, Bob Nelson specializes in researching and reporting on the labor market. He provides insight into trends regarding recruitment, talent supply and demand, and candidate demographics in order to drive growth of CareerBuilder’s data portals. He works closely with CareerBuilder's business development team and the sales force to answer pivotal business questions for clients.

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