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Take a Peek at Workers Around the World. How Do You Compare?

workers around the worldYou can either pay tens of thousands of dollars to go globe-trotting to see for yourself what employees and workplaces are like in the 10 largest economies in the world. Or you can choose the monumentally cheaper alternative: Read the highlights of similarities and differences we’ve found in our global snapshot of workers.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Business formal is BIG in India. If you’re visiting India (1 in 2), China (38 percent) or Japan (37 percent), you will be much more likely to bump into someone in a suit and tie than in, say, Italy (15 percent), Brazil (15 percent) or the U.S. (11 percent) where dress codes are more relaxed.
  • WE work more than THEY do. That’s right, U.S. workers clock in more hours (41-50) than their counterparts in the U.K. or China.
  • Phones are NOT made for calling, apparently. Phone conversations are the least used form of communication for workers around the world. Shockingly…err, we mean interestingly…human beings still rely on face-to-face communications the most.
  • Socializing with co-workers? No thanks! U.S. workers (41 percent) are among the least likely to mingle with their professional pals outside of work. Good thing we aren’t in China (98 percent) or India (93 percent) where nearly everyone does!
  • Living in Italy might be your dream, but wait till you retire. That’s because nearly two-thirds of workers have only taken ONE week of vacation time or personal days in the last year. Workers in Japan, on the other extreme, let their hair down and put their feet up on 35-plus days.

For more findings, be sure to check out the infographic below or see it here:

Take a look at the average workday in workplaces around the world

What’s Your Take?

Did you almost fall out of your chair when reading some of these findings? Or does this data match what you always suspected? Leave us a comment below or write to us on Twitter (@CBforEmployers) or Facebook (CBforEmployers).

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