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Hiring Is Difficult in Detroit, But Health Care Jobs Are Heating Up

DetroitIt’s no secret Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in July, but what may be lesser known is: What impact did this have on hiring?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at Supply & Demand data in Detroit relative to neighboring cities. We’ll also break down reports in EMSI Analyst to see the estimated projections in occupation growth over the next five years to determine where it would be best to hire within 50 miles of Detroit.

The data shows Detroit is having troubles, which should come as no surprise, as the hiring indicator value of 46 indicates a difficult labor market. Currently in Detroit, there are 445,907 job postings available (demand) yet only 172,800 candidates (supply).

Below is a comparison of supply versus demand for the Detroit area between 2011 and 2013, courtesy of CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal.

Top 10 Michigan cities to recruit 2011-13

Despite these conditions, the vast majority (87 percent) of candidates living within 50 miles of Detroit say that they’re unwilling to relocate.

Only Ann Arbor is more difficult to recruit than Detroit at this time. Conversely, strong areas to hire candidates include Westland, Warren and Livonia Michigan – as supply outweighs the total number of job postings.


One major deterrent to hiring in Detroit is the mismatch of skill sets relative to available jobs. The top two job posters are in health care, yet candidate profiles (occupation type) show the least frequency in that field. Registered nurses and medical assistants are last on the list of candidate occupations.

Top job posters

Occupation types

Looking ahead, recruiting in Detroit could prove to be difficult even five years from now. Below is the projected job growth between 2013 and 2018 courtesy of EMSI Analyst.

In order to maintain adequate staff and create a recruiting pipeline for the future, it should be a priority to identify colleges and institutions graduating health care professionals.

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Robin Jeng

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